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Track Requests/Suggestions

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by johney, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Hello, new here. I played Racer a few years ago, uninstalled it recently decided to try it again >|

    I was looking for a few tracks, but apparently no one has made them, or if so i missed them somehow.
    I've got a thing for old circuits, so if there are any trackmakers reading... MAKE SOME OF THESE! :D

    Charade Circuit Clermont-Ferrand
    the old Fuji with the banking
    the old Hockenheim (would be nice to have a layout without the chicane in Ostkurve too)
    the old hi-speed Imola
    the old Spa (14km layout with the right-hander at Stavelot)
  2. Zas si tu? :D
  3. istanbul park :cool:
  4. ale, nazdar... :D
    once you try it you can never escape it... :p
  5. It's more DIY philosophy nowadays....

    Just use Google earth, extract curvature, fire up Streetmap View & extract all textures & finally refine the whole in your 3D app (Blender, Max, Maya, SoftImage..)

    I was more thinking of reusing & converting the existing tracks as I'm recently done with F1 Brazil Track...