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Track - materials and cross section problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, May 3, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Using the 'Edit Track Surface Properties' tool, I'm trying to add two materials to the same stretch of track surface. I'm following the tutorial in BTB:


    The problem is: when editing the track surface, BTB won't let me select or move the nodes when in Material mode (with the 'material' radio button checked). It will allow me to select and manipulate them when in the shape editing mode (with the 'shape' radio button checked). This happens in both the 2d cross section in the dialogue box, and in the 3d viewport.

    In the cross section dialogue window, in 'material' mode, the cross section is always red, and appears locked, whilst in 'shape' the cross section is blue and editable.

    Am I missing something? I am using BTB V0.8.0.3 in Vista64 (which I know piddy says he doesn't officially support but it works well on my system).

    any help much appreciated. Cheers, Alex
  2. It's just like that - you can not move nodes when you are in Material Editing - they can be moved to every direction only in Shape Edit. So, it's normal. I mean, you can move them only in horizontal position when you want to change the materials in Material Mode.
    Advice - If you mess too much with nodes moving them to the left or right and the road starts to look strange - select some of them (or all), then right click and choose "Align" and you have some options - percentage amount - this will soften the surface by distances beetwen nodes and also their heights.
  3. Oh ok. Thanks. Was it a feature that wasn't implemented then? I am using a second track, aligned to the outside of the racing track, to use as a border track - so I can change the edge surfaces. I think this gives better control of the track edge materials than using the landscape (at least that's the theory!)
  4. I think it was made just like this, then if you get used to it, you are sure what you are doing - working on shape or materials. I think it's smart, even if it seems to be a little strange at the beginning :)
    There are many aspects of shape (and material) creation, for me these options are great and give many ways and options to make a "perfect" surface. For example - randomness - another great thing. Also - panel length. You can add more nodes to the surface - ctrl+click beetwen nodes... But it works globally for the whole track, means you cannot make a track where one section has maybe 10 nodes, and another has e.g. 4. If you want to have that - make another track and merge with previous.
    To split one egsisting track to two or more, you have to make a copy of that track and delete nodes from the beginning of first track, then from the end of another.
    But remember - copying track does not copy the terrain connected to the first one.
    I would rather make one track instead of two, because when you want to do some curve modifications, you would have to spend much time to fit the other track... You can add as many surfaces (materials) as you want and make it very wide :) A width Multiplier of 1,00 means the width of 10 meters.
  5. Quote [You can add as many surfaces (materials) as you want and make it very wide :) A width Multiplier of 1,00 means the width of 10 meters. ]

    Martinez - are you saying I can add more than one material across a width of track? Sorry if I misunderstood your post. My problem is I cannot add more than one material for any given stretch of track. Let's say I want half material 'A' and half material 'B' - how do I do this? Thanks...!
  6. I think what you need to do is click on the outside edge node and drag it to the inner node to make a gap for the new material

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  7. Hi Chub, thanks alot for the reply. That's my problem - the nodes wont move - it's like they're locked.:frown:
  8. That's odd, it works that way for me. The nodes don't move, but if you hold the mouse button down on the outside node, move the cursor to the inner node and let the mouse button go it should leave a clear space for the new material. It's the same technique as used for adding more materials to a wall cross section.

    I can't check as I haven't used BTB for a while and would need a new license before I can fire it up again . . . .
  9. Have you checked the "Set Material button"?

    If not, check it then try again.

    Look at the pic.

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  10. Exactly like above, maybe my screens will help you, but they are about the same...
    After my notes written as green, add a new Material and it will fill the empty space completely (does not matter where exactly you click - it has to be in that empty space). Then, you can repeat whole process and add more different surfaces. Also, you can always add more nodes (switch to Shape Edit) and reorganise the whole thing again.
    If you ask me, it took me a while to catch how it works/how-to ;) Keep trying.

    As you can see, I added some new nodes (in Shape Mode) by ctrl+click beetwen existing ones.
    Note: you add a new sections to the track by ctrl+click on the road in 3D View. Now - if you are currently in Material Mode, the small square "Set Material (change the textures on this surface?)" will be automatically checked, but if you switch to "Shape Mode" you will see that "Set the shape of the surface by editing the cross-section?" will be unchecked. The same in oposite way - for ctrl+clicking while being in Shape Mode.
    Try again, it must work like that. If not, then I don't know... You can send me your project and I can see if it works. Please just specify what you want to have :)

    Last note - (I always write too much ;) - did you try to launch BTB in different Windows modes (I'm sorry, I don't know this term in English version of Windows) - that feature allows you to launch an older programs under XP/Vista/7 in modes like e.g Windows 98 or earlier. I mean, Should be something like this with Vista - to run as XP... /sorry again, probably my English is as complicated as my explanations :D

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  11. Me too :) - it was months before I realised that I could have more textures on a wall or a road!!

    Alexkyriak, it's shown in an early video from the BTB website, on the videos page look under Tutorials for Materials (5MB) [click on the 5MB to download it], it's from about 45 seconds in.
  12. :) Playing with nodes and textures is a great fun and allows to create fantastic surfaces. But, I think it's good to find a balance - too many nodes and too short panel length can make your computer work really hard ;)
    Time for some sleep now ;) Thanks, gentlemen!
  13. All - thanks so much for your help in trying to fix this appreciate it. It simply doesnt work for me... :frown: Can someone send me a test file with a bit of track and two materials added to it in a section? I'd like to open it in my BTB to see what happens.... thanks!!!

    I think this might be a Vista64 / BTB issue. Martinez, I tried the Compatibility Mode trick - good idea - but it doesn't work unfortunately.... :frown:

    When I switch from Shape to Material the section lines goes from Blue to Red, and the nodes just will not move no matter what I try. Here they are.

    01.jpg 02.jpg
  14. Here you go - try on this. I left a second section partly empty, so try to add some surface there. You just need to place the unziped folder in "My Projects" folder and don't forget to copy to the "XPacks" folder (inside there) original Default xpack. And let me know if this works.

    One more great thing is that you can specify panel legth or "Set Material" - "Per Panel"/"Per Meter" individually for every part/section. I just memorised it :) Egzamine the "project" and you will know what I mean.
  15. Besides everything, make sure you have the latest DirectX 9.0c and .NET Framework installed.
    More - have you ever modified the Default XPack? Maybe there's something wrong with Cross-Sections... But I'm not really sure how they work - never touched the problem of them...
  16. Hey Martinez, the zip file says it's invalid. Can you re-upload? Cheers.

    Have latest DirectX and .net. not modified the default xpack,
  17. If this doesn't work, then there must be something wrong on your side... Previous was packed by 7-zip, now just with Windows packer. I've never got any report about invalid zip from anybody. I've dowloaded that file and it was ok. No problem at all - I can send you even by e-mail - write a personal message to me and give me your address.

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  18. But if your BTB doesn't open the file, I don't know... Maybe somebody else can download attached file and try to open it in BTB? Please refer to my previous post #14 (about putting Default XPack to the project folder).
  19. Hi Martinez, it's the zip file itself that won't unpack, as it says it's invalid. It downloads fine from the links you posted. I can't get it into BTB at all. Is it supposed to be 1.7kb?
  20. Please check your machine then - the files are good. No problem - another trick - I'm sending just Venue.bin, but it has changed the extension to .zip, then the Forum's server can accept the file.
    Here's the procedure:
    1. Dowload the file. Don't open this, you will get error.
    2. Open BTB, create a new track, draw any road - just two nodes. You need to do something that you can save the project :) Name it as you want.
    3. Close BTB and browse for the folder (within root BTB) "My Projects" and open you newest project folder.
    3. Paste the dowloaded Venue.zip into the folder - it will be placed together with that Venue.bin just made by BTB.
    4. Delete the Venue.bin and rename Venue.zip into Venue.bin (just change the file's extension) - accept the warning from Windows - say "yes"
    Make sure it's now Venue.bin , not venue.bin (starting with big "V")
    5. Open the BTB and load the project. Voila :)

    Must work :)