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Track loading error in rFactor

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ThomasFrank, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. hello,
    I have a big problem with a track I built in Bob's Trackbuilder.
    First I tell you my story:

    I have both BTB versions, BTB Pro & BTB Evo
    I began building this track in BTB Evo with some Xpacks which I downloaded here in Racedepartment. I added some new xpacks to the track some weeks ago which I think are useful for my track and used them. Now the Track is nearly finished and I want to play it in RFactor so I saved it and opened it in BTB Pro to export it.

    I tried to start the track in RFactor but the loading screen stops ... or shows an error.
    I can load other tracks in RFactor which I built in BTBPro only this track doesn't start and I don't know what I have to do. I'm really disappointed and hope you can help me. I like the track very much and hope that the work wasn't for nothing.

  2. Make sure all images have dimensions that are powers of two. Another thing you can try is scene viewer (http://www.rfactor.net/developers/), which may give an error message that you can use to pinpoint the problem.
  3. If you had made the MAS files already, make sure the paths to them are written properly.

    But the best thing would be if you could tell us the error message you're getting.

    Also, does the loading stop at the start or at the end? If it's at the start, the problem lies with the track. If it's at the end, the problem is with the car. However, judging by your post, it seems the problem is with the track.
  4. When I launch the map. The error appears at the beginning of the loading. It's a windows error, because I get a messagebox with the opportunities "send" or "not send".
    When i use the Scene Viewer to my MAS File first there's a black screen, then for a very short time a blue screen and it falls back on Windows. After that an error appears which tells me "Error opening MAS file SKY.MAS". It doesn't matter how often i export the track. The error always appears. What's wrong?
  5. Looks like it can't find the sky.mas. Make sure you have this file in the root folder of your track. If you don't, you can copy it from C:\program files\...\Bob's Track Builder\support\Rfactor and paste it into the root folder of your track. If you do have the sky.mas file, make sure the path in the SCN file is written correctly.