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Track Ir

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by John Cunningham, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. I keep meaning to mention, I have Track IR ( for my flight sims) and I noticed RBR supports it. Whilst its useless for my preferred bumper cam(no point of reference like the dash and wheel make it tricky to know where 'straight ahead' is), TrackIR takes most games to a whole new level, both for immersion and a real feel.

    I am in no way connetced with trackIr, so I am not advertising, just thought I would mention it to you.

    For those that aint heard of it, looks a like this:

    It will make you go slower, whilst your brain learns to deal with it, but then after some time, it rocks.. (I couldnt take off in my plane 1st go out lol) It works with a ir cam tracking your head.

    In case your wondering, i use bumper cam knowing that it is harder because you see less of the track and the game seems 'quicker', but it makes the game seem quicker lol so i use it!

    Also in any sport i can never remember seeing the dash/wheel/bars etc brain filters it out, I can actually remeber in my moto-x days (maaaaaaaaaaaany years ago) finishing with just a pin prick of goggles not covered in mud and thinking it was clear lol.. I also hate paying so much money for the computer and spending yonks getting the grapics to run and 'ruining' it by plastering a cockpit all over the screen

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  2. I have used FreeTrackIR in TDU2 cruising. For fun, haven't considered it for racing at all.

    Had to do my own 3-LED cap thingy though, but it's simple enough. http://forum.free-track.net/index.php?showtopic=1856
    Mine has regular LEDs though, no IR ones in my local shop. Regulars work decent enough, unless there's a source of light behind you.

    Anyway, all you need is a webcam, a cap, 3$ worth of electrical thingies, and 5 minutes of free time :D
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  3. Thanks John, very interesting.
    I'm an avid Fightsimmer too, and have often yearned for Track IR for that. :rolleyes:
    Never thought about it's use in SimRacing though. :)
  4. Thats cool. I always reckon that any driving game should be enjoyable at cruise speeds, just like going for a sunday drive, so therefore when driving at max attack, it scares you shitless and keeps you on edge.

    maybe someone could create some road cars for RBR for cruising
  5. Have you tried the Citroen 2CV yet? :p
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  6. Haha... No I need a convertible... Then I'll get fan and stick it next to the screen to simulate the wind in my hair:cool::p
  7. Played IL2 Warren or are you a commerical pilot ;) ? Played Il2 a great deal right up to coming to RD a year and a half ago... Technially I am stiff 2nd in command of probably one of the longest running combat squads (all the cfs versions then IL2). http://www.hh80th.com/

    I ask, cause I reckon I could rustle up some of the old sqaud and go plane racing...
  8. Mainly FS9 and FSX John, but I used to love Combat Sims (spent ages with EAW). I still have CFS2, IL-2 1946, and more recently ROF installed. I intend to return to Flight Simming much more when I get too old for SimRacing (not too far away now lol). :)
  9. well then, trackir (or equivolent) is a must for you!!!
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  10. Wow... a whole new dimension into RBR now. My next DIY stuff :p