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Track Height Data Problem Solved!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Travlar, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Track Height Data Problem Solved! - Now in Beta!

    Hello all,

    I just finished coding a program that will take a KML file that you make using the path function in Google Earth and update the altitude data automatically.

    As a test, I used U.S. Highway 6 over the Loveland Pass in Colorado. I was so impressed with the drive many years ago and thought it would make a great track. Loop through the Eisenhower tunnel, up and over the Loveland Pass and back through the tunnel. But for the test, I just ran from the eastern tunnel exit and up to the top of Loveland Pass.

    With this run, I had to manually transfer the coordinates data to the original KML file, but before I release it to beta, this will be done automatically.

    I also noted that I had some fairly large altitude changes in about 5 spots. Between 5 and 10 feet within a 5 or 10 foot section of the track. I will create a routine and give the user the option to smooth the altitude data in these cases.

    I am trying to keep the program as light as possible, so none of the data is written to temporary files and the program does not use any databases. All of the coordinates data is read into memory and processed from memory and the final extraction will be written to a new KML file for use in BTB.

    For the Loveland Pass test, running from the development environment, it took just about one minute to cycle through all of the data and write the data to a file.

    I fired up BTB and imported my new KML data. It took less then 10 seconds for BTB to pull in the data and present me with my track. I went to one section and added a bit of terrain and grabbed a screenshot.

    I will advise when BTBHD (Bob's Track Builder Height Data) program is released to beta and I hope this will help contribute to the community... because I'm a horrible artist and I can't do 3D modeling to save my soul!

    Please continue this thread here:

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  2. will this program work for a closed circuit as well or is it only good for open circuits.
  3. I thought the GE KML files had to be open circuits anyway. That's how I make them, and I have the last point quite close to the first. The BTB importer can fill in the gap if the circuit type is set to 'closed'.
  4. Let me give a closed circuit a try. I remember once while making paths and importing them into BTB that I was able to do a flat closed circuit, but I will test it out real quick and advise.

    Also, if it will not work, I can give the user an option to choose to make the KML a closed circuit and fix the issue programmatically.

    Be back in a few with an answer.
  5. Thinking about that, maybe Brendon programmatically creates a closed circuit from a KML import.

    I will give this a quick test and advise.
  6. Works for open and closed circuits!

    Just ran a quick test and although I could not get the path in Google Earth to connect like I thought I had seen before, I was still able to put the last waypoint close to the beginning waypoint and when I imported the KML into BTB and chose Closed Circuit, BTB imported the KML along with all the altitude data.

    I think (and of course I could be absolutely wrong here) that Brendon connects the last waypoint (node) with the first waypoint (node) when you choose closed circuit.

    Anyway, it worked like a charm. Since I work Monday-Friday, I don't suspect that I will be done before next weekend. But I cleared this weekend and will do my best to at least get this to beta quality so that it can start being used.

  7. You can leave them open, but you have to get them as close together as you possibly can. (by zooming in) Then BTB will close the track for you .......the original reason I asked was that when I tried using ve track starter it wouldn't function for a closed circuit.
    Which sort of defeated the whole object of the exercise.
  8. BTBHD is in Beta!

    BTBHD is now in Beta.

    I started a new thread for the Beta.
  9. Can't install it

    Error message "Unable to install or run the application. The
    application requires stdole Version 7.0.3300.0 in the GAC"???????????