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Track Guides

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Peter Hooper, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Does anyone have a good resource for track guides. I like to have a current track map to refer to and use it to jot down notes when I am taking part in any event there but several I have found seem a little out of date.

  2. Rob Hermans

    Rob Hermans
    Shortening straights and straightening bends ©

    Allianz official track maps

    How about this:

    Official track maps

    The corner numbers (which are different from various sources) are the official ones used by the teams. Hope that helps you :wink:
  3. I hear you Peter, it would be nice to have an idea where to break and what gears to be in. But this is all down to your particular setup and driving style. Still, if the guys described their laps in the setup threads it would be a lot help, but a lot of people just post their times and not even which setup they use! Is there a track in particular that you need help on?
  4. I have petioned a track guide section but no joy as not enough interest was generated, a shame....we are a racing community after all.
  5. glight, if you're interested you can check out my youtube vids, on each track I comment on my qualifying lap in a vain attempt to do a 'Brundle-esque' pole lap discussion: braking points, gearing, throttle input. Might help ppl struggling to get to grips with some tracks.
    The vids are done on career mode so not that relevant to time trial as you can brake much later and take corners much faster in that arcadey alternate F1 universe we call TT :p

    you can find 'em here:
  6. I think the closest thing we have to a track guide is Steve Stoop's YouTube career on expert videos.


    not necessarily a "track guide" but still offers some value to those looking for ideas on how others drive the tracks. But nothing beats seat time at the track to figure out your own breaking and turn in points. I think on virtually every track I have tried in this game I start off my first practice sessions wonder how I will ever figure out how to drive at racing speeds. But with enough practice I eventually get it and can drive at my limits lap after lap. Of course I think Mr Stoop is on steroids (or I am just not all that fast) as I am 2-3 seconds slower than he is on all these tracks he has in his video. Some of this could be related to computer setups, but most of it is likely just one driver being better than the other.
  7. why'd you think I edit out the practice laps i put in for my career races in those vids...let me tell you it's usually not very pretty lol. Even on tracks I already know well it always takes a few laps to really 'relearn' it and get a consistent pace going.

    I usually watch a real F1 onboard vid to give me some inspiration before heading out to the next track. It's not exactly in line with what the car does in game (especially that real F1 cars seem to be able to brake 100m later than me in game sometimes lol) but it helps me anyway.
  8. My worst two tracks have got to be suzuka and yeongham, always 4-5 seconds down in S2.
  9. The only track maps I have found are small and hard to read for what you want. If you want to see a real world lap at each track try the F1 site, http://www.formula1.com/default.html. You will need to register to view the video's, but it only take a few seconds. Once you are registered they have each track and a video of a lap around the track. You can get a good idea where the real drivers are braking and their turn in points. If nothing else, it is fun to watch.
  10. Thxs ... I just registered. The real drivers can brake later than we seem to be able to do in this game, but as faulty as the AI is in this game, the game makers did give us a reasonable idea of what it is like to drive around the tracks at the same speeds. Of course the real world drivers have something call g-forces which makes what they do absolutely incredible. I have driven a real world Formula Renault class car on more than one occasion so I have an idea what it is like when these formula cars beat you up, but of course the Formula Renault class car is tame (not even sure if you hit 2Gs) compared to the Formula One cars.

    In my next life I play on being born to a well to do family, I will start karting by the age of three all in order to get my first ride in F1 by the age of 18 and win the WDC by age 19. LOL ... yeah I know, in my dreams. :)
  11. Totally cringeworthy host and dialogues, but some useful things can be gathered from the official Williams F1 website - go to track guides and you'll find a vid for each track. Horribly unprofessional video work though, really lmao at the host.

  12. @ Steve Stoop -

    Your video is the best! Not only are you a good driver but your commentary is great - hey F1 - put this guy on next to David Hobbs.
  13. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Many, many thanks everyone for your contributions here.... apologies for the delay in replying I have had a lot on this past week or so. There is some brilliant information from you all and it is very much appreciated. I think you have pretty much covered (and more) everthing I was after.
  14. Check these out, Mark Webber runs through the tracks in the Red Bull simulator, with commentary on gearing and braking etc. I found them immensely helpful.