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Track Guide: Sakhir - Bahrain

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by glight, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. [​IMG]

    On board with Mark Webber:

    (different 2nd sector)

    Front Wing Angle: 2
    Rear Wing Angle: 1

    Balance: F 49% - R 51%
    Pressure: High
    Brake Size: Standard

    Ballast Distribution: F 50% - R 50%
    Front Anti-roll Bar: 9
    Rear Anti-roll Bar: 8

    Front Ride Height: 1
    Rear Ride Height: 1
    Front Spring Stiffness:11
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 6

    Gear 1: 124 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 152 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3: 182 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 213 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 243 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 278 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 7: 318 kph / xxx mph

    Throttle map: Fast
    Fuel: Fixed

    Camber front: -1.10
    Camber rear: -3.00
    Toe front: 0.09
    Toe rear: 0.35

    At Sakhir my time was 1:58.247

    Sector 1

    Turn 1: At the end of the start finish straight look for where the curbing starts on your left inbetween the 150 and 100m markers. Brake just after the curbing starts and turn in after the 50m mark (3rd gear). Once you are in 3rd gear you can let off the brake as you get down to 2nd and then 1st.

    Turn 2: Flat Out. Nick the curb with your left tyre as you go through.

    Turn 3: Flat Out.

    Turn 4: Look for where the curb starts on your left (between the 100 and 50m mark). Brake just before the curb starts and turn in at the 50m mark. Turn gradually right and brake down to 3rd gear. Keep it tight as you go through, be very careful with the gas if you must use it because it is very easy to spin on the bump in the middle of the turn.

    Turn 5: Flat Out as you begin going up the hill. Keep to the right on your way up.

    Turn 6: Flat Out. Still keep right as you continue up the hill.

    Sector 2

    Turn 7: You should be in 6th gear before braking at the top. Straighten out the wheel then point a 1/4 turn left to get by, you should be in 2nd before entering the turn. Shift to 3rd on the exit.

    Turn 8: Come off the gas as you enter and coast through. Shift down to second as you head wide for the entry to turn 9.

    Turn 9: Feather the gas but keep close to the apex as you're turning right. It is easy to go wide if you are impatient with the gas, you want to be late after that apex. Accelerate hard on the exit and get into 4th before the next turn.

    Turn 10: a small kink on the way to turn 11.

    Turn 11: Look for where there is a rubber line, tap the break and shift down to 3rd, turn in immediately . Feather the gas lightly and you should end up in the middle of the road pointed towards turn 12.

    Turn 12:Lift off the gas as you continue your line from turn 11. Stay off until you are almost at the curb on your right as you exit. Stay in 4th as you head down the hill.

    Turn 13: a small kink on the way to turn 14

    Turn 14: Stay just to the left of center as you enter turn 14. Brake when the curb ends on your right down to 2nd gear. Feather the throttle as you go round trying to keep to the left. On the exit you can head to the right as you enter turn 15.

    Turn 15: You can take it flat out as long as you lock right, straighten out and then lock left. you should be in 5th through the turn. Make sure to use the steering lock otherwise you will go wide and have a bad line.

    Turn 16: The left turn immediately after turn 15 see above.

    Turn 17: You should be able to get to the left just before entering. I look for the big dark green strip as my braking marker. Turn in at the end of the blue strip and continue braking until you're in 2nd gear. Be careful not to outbrake yourself as you have some room before hitting the curb on your left.

    Turn 18: Flat Out. There is a portapotty on the right where I turn in.

    Turn 19: Just after you exit turn 18 start braking but not too hard (40%). Make sure you come wide to touch the curb on the right before entering. Come down to 1st to make the turn but you can get on the gas early since you were braking early than completely necessary. (This is one corner that demonstrates slow in fast out very well).

    Turn 20: Stay right down the straight looking left for the markers. Brake at the 50m mark coming down to 4th gear. About halfway to the bridgestone sign above on the right you want to turn in (there is also another portapotty on your left). Don't turn in too early because you will miss the apex, depending on when you turned in you will either have to wait to get on the gas or be able to floor it on the exit.

    Turn 21: Flat Out. Stay just right of center as you go up this hill gradually turning right until you get full lock. If you don't stay tight you will end up going wide and might have to lift off the gas (especially on primes)

    Sector 3

    Turn 22: Keep an eye out for the allianz sign on your right. You want to brake when you see the red tip of the armco railing on the right. Don't brake too hard and begin turning when the road starts to curve right. Use about half a turn right and the 3/4 of a turn right as you come down to 4th or 3rd. If you did it right you can get back on the gas fairly quickly after you pass the pylon on the right.

    Turn 23: Brake at the 100m marker on your left; there is also a big allianz overhead. Turn in at the 50m mark as you come down to 4th gear. Lift off the brake and downshift to 3rd as you approach the corner. You want to steer about 1/2 a turn to the right going to 3/4 just as you go through the apex. (Another corner that I like for slow in fast out)

    Grin as you roar down the straight towards the finish.

    Notes: They call this the endurance circuit for a reason. Sector 2 is long with lots of turns and is easily where I lose most my time (as Rob loves to remind me). I find most of the corners to be quite forgiving though. One of those tracks that is easy to learn yet hard to master.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Does it matter which car to use in this track?

    I already try with lotus,Virgin team and HRT.
  4. Thanks for this, applied it to a sauber first and struggling at the minute. So went into time trial and shoved on soft tyres and it helped thankyou for the guy! never felt such excitment pushing on a lap, the last corner nearly always gets me!! though now I am in Q1 and I cant get anywhere near that pace in the sauber! is this to be expected ?

  5. TT will give you times that are way faster because in TT the track is 100% rubbered in and you are given max grip from the tyres with 0 degradation. This is completely unrealistic and causes the game to behave like an arcade game.

    It is better to use GP mode as a practice.
  6. ahhhhh ok thanks again, I am getting wound up with F1 at the minute I seem to get odd lag spikes, where game is all nice then will freeze fora second or so then carry on <_<
  7. This is fantastic! Glight, would it be OK for me to use the sector summaries and post them on my website? We host leagues and these track guides would be ever so useful
  8. Are you using an ATI card? I used to have this issue with catalyst 11.3 and 11.4 beta drivers. I had to switch back to 11.1 drivers to get rid of the stutter with a small hit to overall fps. The 11.4 drivers that were released not long ago have fixed the stutter for me and have also improved fps so I would make sure you're on the latest drivers and if you're still having issue try the 11.1 instead.

    Yes, as long as you give credit and post a link to the thread as a source.
  9. Can anyone suggest a good in race set up for this track as opposed to a TT one. I race in a league with fuel and tyre wear on etc so TT set ups as a rule are pants in race lol.

    Thanks guys
  10. Any of the TT setups can be adapted for races by using the default tyre alignment, moving the ballast forward (60 or 70%F) and giving yourself 1 or 2 more points of front wing. All the setups I have posted should work well for races, I don't play TT at all.
  11. Thanks glight i really appreciate the quick response.
  12. nice setup

    nice, hope you will be posting s/u for 2011. i did a 157.661 qually.....no t/c...no abs.....auto/tran.... fuel and tires off..... engine mapping....standard....car.... mcclaren
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