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Track folder doesn't appear in Locations folder (rFactor)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by MegaErkki, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. I took a look around and I didn't find any discussion of this, so I decided to make one.

    So I'm using BTB Pro and I made test run so it would even work. I exported the track successfully with name Test. Then I started rFactor. I saw this Test track on tracklist and loaded the track. It worked well. Yey. I closed the rFactor, checked Locations folder and find out that the whole Test folder doesn't even exist.

    I just reinstalled rFactor few days ago on a new path C: ProgramFiles(x86)/Image Space Incorporated/rFactor/ because of an error of loading tracks on old path C: ProgramFiles(x86)/rFactor

    Could this new path be cause of an error? Or something else? Any suggest is desired :)
  2. I'm guessing that your using Windows 7, as rFactor and BTB were designed for Windows XP.

    I cant remember the exact location/directory but, Windows 7 protects the programs folder and puts your BTB track and your plr folder in a hidden directory in C:/ drive.

    Hopefully someone with Windows 7 will tell you where it is as I cant remember right now.
  3. Actually I'm on Vista, but basically idea is the same.

    I'm not on my own computer right now, but I think that problem is to run BTB as administrator. If I edit anything in rFactor folders, I always have to give administrator password.