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Track Export rFactor

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Honso, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    I have a lil question, i searched through the forum but didnt find any similar probs, well i wasnt really able to look for the right problem i guess...

    Well, my prob is this:
    After i export a Track for rFactor in BTB i get tons of files in the "Trackname"-Folder. The last one i did had about 5532 files in it, most of them are .dds-Files. Am i doing something essential error, or is there a way to merge them into something smaller, cause all the Track im Downloading have just a few files and most of them .mas-Files.

    Cheers Hans
  2. I believe that you can pack those up with mas utility..http://rfactor.net/web/rf1/devcorner/

    You should definitely not get more .dds (texures) than .gmt (objects) or there's something seriously wrong if you have over 2000 textures... An example: Cicada has 234 textures, which is already a lot (no atlases used* and no texture optimization made yet..) and 2134 objects.I picked that one as an example as it already has tons of stuff in it, enough for release and it takes about 700megs of memory..So with 5000+ stuff, there may arise some performance issues.

    Do you have any Sketchup made objects in there? There is a flaw in Sketchup6 that makes all the default materials to be duplicated a lot, never use SU default materials.. I did that once and ended up with 100+ materials for a bridge that used 5 different textures.

    (* since i don't got Max yet and SU is the worst with any kind of UV mapping...)
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  3. mas files are similar to zip files - they can contain lots of files inside them, and they are compressed. BTB doesn't do that because it takes time, and while you work on the track you will be adding and removing lots of files.

    So it's fine to have lots of files, but that number is very big. You've probably added loads of materials to your track or walls etc, exported the track and then remove the materials. When you export again, you can use the 'clear folder' option to remove the unneeded files.
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  4. Forgot that Pro has that option, with Evo there is not the same problem of unused stuff. .I preferably would have that issue, it's much tedious to always export under different names just to get new mas, trk and hat and then copy the new ones to the old folder, delete the old and rename the new....arrhgghh... Anyway, it's not recommended to have a lot of materials, it creates problems.
  5. Thanks guys, you helped a lot! Kennett you were right, gotta remove some stuff to fix this.

    Thanks again