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Track editing

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by WilliamsF1fan, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Hi guys my name is Craig I'm new to this website

    I just have a quick question I don't know if anyone has asked this before but can bobs track builder be used for Grand Prix 4?

    Kind regards

  2. Unfortunately the answer is no. I also checked 3DSimed but I can't see a direct conversion. It might be possible to make a track in BTB, use 3DSimed to export in some other format (e.g. a lot of 3ds files) which can then be converted to GP4's format, but I think a better strategy would be to ask other GP4 track authors what they use.

    If it's 3dsMax, it'll take some strain off your bank's coffers. An alternative could be Blender, which is free, but it depends on the formats Blender can export, and whether or not there's a program that can convert any of those to GP4's format.
  3. Thanks for that thought I'd better ask
  4. BTB Pro also exports to .DX...
    Now the question, I guess, would be, is there some way to convert a .DX file to your chosen game format?
    Personally I wouldn't know but I thought I'd let you know about the .DX export option... ;)