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Track Edging

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Chris Mackenzie, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Cor! fired up BTB Evo again today after a long layoff.....now I'm starting to smart up the track and it's surrounding areas....first up was to change the track/grass edging to look like the grass had died away from the edge of the track....however when ever I add a texture it seems to be at the wrong angles or elongated beyong recognition....anyone got some hints on how to place these transitions in place correctly...

    Cheers in advance
  2. It is the shape of the panels you are changing the texture of. They are triangle, are they not? Just trying to help. I may not be correct.
  3. open the surface editor in btb set it to edit shape, zoom out then with your mouse on one of the nodes hold down the control key and draw the cursor away from the node it should have now formed a new surface .....just add the required material and et voila nice clean edges.......hope this helps, sorry i can't do a little vid but my main machine is offline at the moment and i'm using a crappy old ibm laptop and it won't run BTB.
  4. You cant map the textures like that, you can however use the track by adding cross sections and extending the sides, version 9 will include blending for the track. Or you can use walls, but aligning them is a challenge.

    [ED] Just to clarify, I wasn't replying to James (although it looks like I am lol) we posted @ the same time. I'm referring to if your using terrain to do this. :)
  5. DERRRR???????
  6. you can also edit the same way in the 3d window and i'm told its the simpler way of doing it ctrl drag either node then change the material for the selected nodes ............and if i wasn't on this bleedin crappy lap top i'd show you in video format. i believe the next version does this automaticly
  7. I think that to make a decent track edge is a little tricky. I wouldn't recommend you to insert grasses images in your track surface. Doing like that, the grass on track will receive additive and specular textures from tarmac, causing colour mismatches between the grass of edge and the grass of surrounding area.

    The best solution is to create a transparent texture with your circuit’s grass and cut a irregular boundary in one of sides of image. Photoshop or similar software is good to do that. Then I’d use one wall close to the track (grounded points) using your new transparent texture (remember to check off the “collide” property). Later on I’ll post pictures trying to show what I mean.