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Track Building

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Darren Jason O'Brien, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys/Girls...

    Id like to have a go at making a track for Race 07 / EVO,

    What program/s do I need for this,

    Is it hard to do ?

    How long does a average track take, Id like to have a go at making a Australian Track Winton Raceway.


  2. Hey Darren, you will need Bobs Track Builder EVO http://www.bobstrackbuilder.net/ for a start. Its a simple (well relatively) point and click type track builder. With BTB EVO you'll also be required to have a copy of GTR2 or legends to be able to create HAT files for your EVO/Race project.

    You could get started with just those...some guys use other 3d manipulation progs as well (I dont) to build 3d objects etc

    Tracks can take as long or as short timewise as you are at putting them together, my prefernce is to take time and get a good result rather than just chucking something out there that looks ugly. My current project for example has been a long time in the process - granted its been a stop start affair but its coming along.....

    Hope that is of some help....and hope you jump on board we are in need of some more Race/EVO track builders

  3. Hello Chris,

    Thanx for the info, Bummer, I dont have GTR2 or Legends, ahh well, I had a few Tracks in mind I wanted to do......Mite have to look at trying to get a cheap copy of legends.......

  4. Google GTR2 demo, i think it will be functional enough to do HAT building...

    As for time of trackbuilding, any where between one hour and 2 years.. I can whip up a drivable full working track in one hour but it lacks a lot of details and is messy work. A track that is going to garner some followers will take at least one month to complete, for personal use couple of days is enough time. Rural tracks are faster to build than modern GP/ Citytracks, man made objects are more unique where as vegetation is mostly variations of the same objects. There are some very good XPacks so neither are anymore very hard... Back-in-the-days guys were using notepads to construct tracks, then it was hard. BTB is the easiest track building tool around.
  5. Hey Darren, any further progress in joining the "Track builders group"?

    Just a thought would be to download the "trial" version of Bobstrackbuilder from the site listed above - just to see if its something you really want to do before investing the dollars on the full version. (which I think you will do in the end) however the 30 day trial isnt really long enough to learn the many tricks of the trade (I'm very much a novice myself)

    I'm sure if you jump on board you will find the track building process both challenging and rewarding as you see your creation come to life through the various stages.....

    Hope to help you get things rolling....