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Track Builder for Dirt 1 or 2?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Howie2010, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Thanks for a cool RBR track builder!
    Can you answer a quick question?

    Is it possible to make a track builder for Dirt 1 or Dirt 2 by Codemasters?
    I dont understand why there are no MODS for Dirt1 (other than brakes/physics)
    A few of us Rally guys are discussing why there are tons of mods for RBR and none for Dirt 1, and now Dirt 2 (too new of course)
    Someone suggested that RBR was old PS2/XBOX and PC, while Dirt 1 was next gen XBOX360/PS3 and therefore much more complex and too hard to make Mods for.

    What do you think?


  2. I don't know how much this game can be modified, but because modding community in general have always been leaded and performed by true hardcore racing fans, that also mean they're looking for a realistic simulator which DiRT cannot even arrive at the feet of RBR physic-wise. The truth is that there is no feeling at all driving this game. Okay maybe DiRT 2 is a little better, but after 3 races I was already tired and completely uninstall from my hard drive.
  3. It's not that bad jay, I don't feel like driving a pure Sim everyday.
    Sometimes a group of us will get together and run Flat Out1 for hours on end just because it's damn fun.

    Dirt 2 falls in that same category, fun as hell game. Just wish we could mod and or make tracks for it.

    Friday and Saturday nights is the time for league races in the Sim world for me. The rest of the week I enjoy some fun racing with anyone.
  4. Dirt simply is not a sim. I dont know how is it with Dirt 2 but the first one is not worth of modding. the rally fans have one game and is RBR. Its the only RALLY sim that is ever made. Other games are arcade. And what comes to FlatOut - is great game that combined more realistic driving feeling to crazy driving but the flat out 2 is completely different. I guess its for children or something but no proper physics in that one. .
  5. Cheers for the replies!

    Of course RBR is the best Rally Sim, but the graphics are extremely outdated.
    Dirt 1 has some decent graphics, and while the physics arent great, this is why Im asking, can someone mod the physics better than the brakes/tyre grip mods that are out there? Even if not, again the graphics are alot better than RBR, and while not a sim, its not soooo bad that its not fun. The track designs in Dirt are alot of fun. I just would love more. And better physics.

    I guess now that Dirt 2 is out, it would be best to Mod D2... and maybe someone can make all the cool Dirt 1 tracks for D2 which is what is missing in D2.

    Id love to play RBR again for the great physics, but the graphics let me down. Is it possible for someone to recode RBR and make it more like Dirt 2 in terms of resolutions, HDR, Antialiasing, motion blur etc? That would be great.

    IMO modding is 2 things, TrackBuilding and Coding. While no one may want to code D1 or D2 due to coding complexity, editing 3D polygons and textures is easy, and no reason why someone cant make a track editor at least?

  6. For the people that want realism, the graphics are not important, the important is feel that you are driving a car. And dirt 2 it is not on this category... so if you want more tracks you can try another game like need for speed or something, all have same feeling, "good" graphics and have different tracks

    PD: I think motion blur, and bloom effect are not realistic. So what you call HDR is totally opposed to the real HDR effect.
  7. Thanks but I dont want to play Shift, I want to play rally. Plus NFS is buggy as hell :(

    While Bloom, etc may not be real it makes the graphics look better.

    Anyway, as I said, it would be great to get better physics in Dirt 1 and make some tracks... but I guess not enough people care :(

    I do love the handling in RBR but Im an artist and gamer, who enjoys good graphics...Having a modded Dirt 1 would make people happy Im sure...
  8. To mod the physics of dirt 1 or 2 you have to ask the guys from codemasters. So more or less to make a completely new game. RBR has lot of graphics enchanment mods , also a great adjustable HDR mod from black F . Also more dust mod and you can change resolution.. + a great night mod.. And you can always make better textures. Its a world to explore .. You just have to look for these mods.
  9. Yeah, Ive just loaded RBR after 4 years, wow ;)
    I want to get these mods, but Im not sure exactly which ones are the good ones, and which are just some mods a kid made...
    the whole RBR2008, 2009 etc, is that a bunch of mods rolled into one, a collection of the best?
    which site has the list of the coolest and best?

  10. ive downloaded the mod collection with gui, trying to run camera hack, but i dont have an APP key on my keyboard... what do i do to tweak post processing?
    also trying Daves camera hack but * does nothing..
    can you run different mods at same time or will only one work at a time?

    still trying to find the rbr2009 correct mod, and wondering is it all the new mods and tracks, etc or is it just new liveries?
    how do i use bob track builder or user made tracks? do i install them as plugins?
    ive seen some cool you tube videos of mods like a czech track but dont know where to get them? trying to get the Jordan Mod but its premium dls only... again is there a webpage that has all the mods? one where they are all stored and serverd? if not, ive got space and could make a page. just need to get the right mods! any help appreciated!

    oh and how do i unlock all the cars/tracks in the normal RBR?

    sorry for all the questions but all these mods all over the place, so many years old, some not hosted anymore, etc, its kinda daunting trying to find the right things... if theres a few diff camera or HDR mods, how do i know which is best....
  11. RSRBR2009 is the French plug in that has a load of new cars and some new tracks as well as tarmac, gravel, snow and night mids. You can play it on and offline and there are 2 packs of BTB stages that are included in one of the updates. It's very big (1.5GB) but works really well. There are also Czech, hungarian and Italian plug ins that I know of but I'm not sure if the different plug ins can work on the same computer. I've never used the HDR mod but I would imagine that it will work alongside one of the plug ins. There is a cam hack in the French plug in that works fine for me.
  12. Cheers!

    So is RBR2009 the end all be all mod, with everything you could want? ;)
    Do I really need to download all 11 patches? why isnt there just one download?

  13. cheers!
    well again, I know Dirt 1 didnt have good physics, but the tracks are decent.
    Dirt 2 has fun physics, but not realistic, but better than D1, but the tracks get boring as hell.
    RBR has best sim physics and some great tracks but the graphics, even with these mods, just isnt up to snuff...

    Do we need to wait till 2011 for WRC and pray its good?

    Shame no programmers can hack into Dirt 2 to make it more real like RBR, or make RBR look alot better... I need good graphics :)
  14. ok so can someone please explain how i use new tracks that ive downloaded in RBR?
    some seem to be rxplugins, and some seem to be just a bob track builder file. can i compile these into rxplugins? or do they just load into rbr? how do i use a track someone made in Bobs?

    and please tell me how to use the APP key if i dont have one on my keyboard... to tweak things like post processing,etc, plugins that require the APP key...

  15. do you have bobs track builder?

    If so the details of using the tracks it creates are in the help file, basicly just a matter of putting in the right folder the rx plugin i think can't remember. opening rbr a using gioing to the plugin and load the track from there

    I do agree that dirt does look good and d2 is better phyiscaly then d1 I personally find a distinct lack of content especially rallying.
  16. i dont have Bobs builder, do I need that to use tracks made with it?
    or do people compile them and release them so you can just pop them into RBR?

    i agree, not enough content, this is why im asking someone to make a track builder for D1 or D2 and more mods :)

    and pleeease can someone answer me about the APP key?! i dont have one on the keyboard, so how can I use the post processing plugins?

  17. sorry can't help with the app key.

    Pretty sure you need BTB to get the files to work with the plugin so you can just drop the traks in to the folder and load them up. It's a good software bit daunting at first but practice and you could fulfill your needs for better graphics maybe. Theres loads of content being created.

    http://www.bobstrackbuilder.net/ and a credit card

    Regarding dirt vs rbr imho a sim is something that has more than a few sliders to set up your car and no option to adjust the diff off a mk2 escort to the front wheels
  18. 3DSimed can import GRID1 data, but ain't sure if it also could export it. You may have a deeper look into http://www.sim-garage.co.uk/.

    Nevertheless, I wouldn't spend too much time trying to manage it, Grid is not a simulator at all. The only thing that I like on it is its light rendering, much more real than RFactor. Besides that, cannot see anything very exciting.

    I'm wondering when we had a substancial improvement on GMotor2 engine rendering, mainly on ilumination effects which are very outdated.

  19. thanks but i mentioned GRID, but am asking about Dirt 1 or 2....