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Track above the head

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Ertekin Dal, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Hello all,
    I made my fisrt stage, with BTB (Thank you very much Brendon, for that great tool) This is Turkiye WRC 2008 Antalya SSS.Yet far from finishing.
    After finishing first steps, and getting stage overall generally, I wanted a short test drive :) (lack off patience :D )
    I had succeeded at my previous attemps, with some other unfinished tracks.
    Everything was fine. BTB exported the track, and RBR loaded it without any recognizable problem.
    But when its loaded, the stage was up above my head and the car was hanging in space for an instance, and than started falling down.
    Hope to know;
    What did I wrong to make this?
    What I did different at this track from my former track attempts; is to set the "y" values for all the track manually, to the real height which was between 20 and 30.

    And How can I solve this ?
    Thank u very much for ur precious helps.
  2. the driveline and the start position must be on top of a Driveable surface, if not the car will do fall through so check that out.

    the same thing may also happen if the plugin for whatever reason fails to generate the ground collision mesh from the Driveable surfaces.
  3. it really help thank u very much.İ realized i set start-finish parameters manually, but i have the similar problem for the camera as weel.Though i set it up quite high above the stage, in replay, it shows from beneath the stage
  4. have you set in the cameras dialog the checkbox under the movement tab to 'keep edits above ground'?
  5. it doesn't matter since atm there is no way to export cameras to RBR, better say the plugin doesn't support them so the only cameras you should count as available in replays are those attached to car.

    the fixed camera you get in RBR replays is at some random position and is better to just ignore it.
  6. opps, yea I forgot for a second there that he was talking about RBR ..