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"TR" an open-world car chase sim

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Soul Challenger, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Hello fellow piston-heads,

    I'm working on a driving sim in early development and one of the core gameplay elements is "driving survival", where the player is implicated in intense car-chases - showcased here in a new gameplay trailer:

    One of the biggest priorities was to achieve a believable, human-like behavior of the NPC drivers. For me and other gamers with whom I've discussed this, one thing that is disappointing and immersion-braking in open-world driving games is bad AI. It's either too dumb or strongly cheating the physics, or both. Take Driver:SF for example. You can drive like a god but the cop cars chasing you will have extraterrestrial acceleration capabilities, coupled with a car mass of a locomotive and tires covered with suction cups. It just feels too unfair, and although a subjective notion: not fun.

    One of the reasons why I posted the video above is because I've never seen such a believable, non-cheating, driving AI in any open-world games so far, and I'd be very interested in what other players think about this. Thanks for watching and reading :)

  2. Player vs AI. Can you guess which is which?