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Toyota Yaris WRC Plus 2017 livery revealed

Discussion in 'WRC 6 The Game' started by gamer19, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. gamer19


    and let me tell you - it's smokin' hot. :inlove:
    (ok, maybe part cuz I got a soft spot for toyotas. used to have one)
    And ...quite interesting.
    Really, MICROSOFT ?? :confused:
    Gosh... who would thought of that. I for sure wasn't.
    Anyway... :rolleyes:
    I hope that Kylotonn guys are see this this (not this thread, ok, but this livery in general:)) and will release some quick patch. It would be ...smokin' hot. :D
    But it's ok if they don't. :x3:
    They are not really lighting fast you know. Is this their page ?
    It hasn't been updated for like a year. :confused:
    Ok, truth be told... they got four more days.