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Skins TOYOTA TS040_TS050 skin 1.11

Toyota Gazoo Racing

  1. Awesome, nice job. But I can't install the liveries at TS040 =( I'm trying using Crowtrobot Custom Livery Tool but doesn't work... You use another tool??
  2. Please try using JSGME like car MOD. bandicam 2016-11-07 12-28-18-915.jpg
  3. Still not working =( You can make a video tutorial or a guide step by step (images) for install the skin, please?
  5. Finally is working !! Thank You very much.

    Other question: It's a possible to can replace the original TS040 skins with the new TS050? (for can play online).

    Also, we need make the 2016 LeMans version of the TS050. The #6 have red mirrors, and replace WEC (white) stickers with 24H LeMans (blue) stickers, and the WEC stickers change of place:

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