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Toyota Supra MKIV 1.0

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Martin Vrba, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    source: VirtualR
    download here

    a great mod, definitely worth trying out... huge thanks to Some1 and Niels_at_home
  2. Fantastic mod, love it.
  3. Hmm

    Who wants a club event? :)
  4. That would be pretty good, could run it with the Corvette mod if they are similar performance.
  5. the car handling and graphics are epic
  6. i used to drive one of these, i'm gonna haveta give this mod a whirl just for the lulz....
  7. Top notch :)

    Quite possibly the highest quality mod released yet.
  8. Great idea I think Grand valley would give it that Gran-tourismo feel.:th_wink:
  9. Just gaves these a quick blast round Lime Park,i am a bit stunned at how good this is,really lovely feel about them and complete and utter eye candy as a bonus,the new headlights are stunning :good:.

    Well worth a stab at a club event.
  10. Club event please! On next Wednesday night? :D
  11. someone say club event? hmmm:)
  12. Yus please Mr Tustinho :)
  13. hi all does anyone know why i havnt got any mirrors or colours. ive done a fresh install and its still the same