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Cars Toyota GT86 Turbocharged 0.2b

Adds a new variant of the GT86 with a turbo

  1. Hobbnob submitted a new resource:

    Toyota GT86 Turbocharged - Adds a new variant of the GT86 with a turbo

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  2. Can someone make a auto installer becouse mods installed manually dont work for me :(
  3. Please tell me if it runs, im not at home im still at work and only had notepad++....but it should be correct normally
  4. In Menus car work normally but when i try to starta a racin in loading game freezes. Anyway thaks for making autoinstaller :cool:
  5. Same here, freezes in the track load.
  6. same problem for me.
  7. Guys help me out here, are you using the autoinstaller by SLR or installing yourselves? Also post dbgsession folders for the crashing session, I can't magically fix a problem using telepathy ;)
  8. im going to test it out too...sry hadn't had time yet
  9. Well thats a ballache, everything in that dbg file says its working right up to the point it stops logging. I'll keep looking but dont hold your breath, its currently a case of pcars being pcars
  10. so seems like it is not my bat?