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Cars Toyota Corolla Cup 2012 1.0-reupload

Toyota Corolla Cup 2012 for Race07/STCC2

  1. Sven Hielscher submitted a new resource:

    Toyota Corolla Cup 2012 - Toyota Corolla Cup 2012 for Race07/STCC2

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    So, perhaps a Saturday race with these one of these days?.......:whistling: :thumbsup:

    Edit: there is a decryption code for the download.
  3. Ouch...sry...first time I uploaded at mega. Wondering what the encryption key means I simply "ignored" it :D

    Here is the key you need to enable downloading:
  4. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Thank you :)
  5. Hiroshi Awazu Stay tuned for an event with these, it's being worked on ;)
  6. Stephen Austin

    Stephen Austin
    xSRx FullBoost

    I'm having a problem with this mod. This car will not pull out of the garage(every other car in my game will.)

    Has anyone experienced this issue before with this mod?
  7. Do you have STCC2?
  8. I also have the same issue, car just will not move. I also tried to join the server that is up and it boots me out saying 'possible cheat'

    Any ideas? I have STCC 2, RaceRoom addon etc.....
  9. sounds like it is missing or not finding the .grb ( GearFile=STCC_ratios.grb )
  10. Stephen Austin

    Stephen Austin
    xSRx FullBoost

    i did have stcc 2 installed. as well as the raceroom. so strange as its only the corolla cup cars that wont pull out.

    EDIT: nevermind i got it to work. had to change the option "hold button to change gear" to ON.\

    idk why that makes it work now, but whatever! im happy!
  11. muha...ok :D didn't think of this first! Had some request on other forums and those guys didn't had STCC - so this was my first idea here too ;)
    With this in mind I remembered one case where I had something very similar! I had switched from Gamepad to Wheel (or vice versa) but didn't notice that the game has changed the session settings to a disabled automatic clutch. As I didn't had a clutch pedal/button signed I wasn't able to start from the pits. Very strange and took very long to find out!
    Did you checked if the automatic clutch is on?

    For the "not able to start from the pits" see above mentioned hints/ideas.
    For the server issue have a look at the thread over in the racing club. Some mods may interfere with my Toyota so you will have to temporary disable them to be able to join the server. For me it was Andreas' Super Touring Mod. So please check if you can solve it this way ;) Of course if you don't have Andreas' mod installed, just temporary disable all mods except the Toyota. Then you should be able to join the server.
  12. Steve Travers Sven Hielscher

    This is an all too annoying problem of R07. There are multiple reasons as to why the car won't move. Like Sven said, the most common problem is R07's controller detection / configuration. I suppose you are using automatic clutch?

    Basically, you need to create your own controller preset instead of choosing a default one. Use it to map your keys/steering wheel buttons/pedals to the right functions. Then go to Advanced Settings and check whether everything is working fine. That is:

    - The gas and brake pedals work without problems
    - When you apply throttle the brakes shouldn't be triggered simultaneously (or vice versa)
    - The clutch is not recieving a constant input signal.

    If you use automatic clutch; make sure to still assign a key to the clutch. It HAS to be a key that you never touch. Just assign the clutch to a key you never use and then you should be good to go.

    Warning: R07's pedal detection is shite... sometimes when you press your pedals to assign them to accelerate and brake I get entirely different axis. Sometimes it will show as Y-, then as Y+, then as RZ Rotational Blablabla. Keep re-assigning the pedals until you get the right axis. Then check in the advanced settings to see the steering wheel, gas and brake meters and perform a test.

    If all else fails, change the ''Hold button to change gear'' option like Stephen did.
  13. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Sven Hielscher

    It's not mentioned in the readme, but you also need Race On to use this mod.

    I had the stuck-in-the-pits issue too, and none of the above fixed it. (Also, in the setup screen the gear ratios were all zeros.) I installed Race On and voila, it worked.
  14. Ross Garland
    Oh really? That's strange! I would say I didn't use any part of it. But maybe there are some cross-references I've overlooked!?

    But thank you for the hint! Will edit the resource's description ;)
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  15. I'm not sure why this site Mega is being used for this, since this file is very easily and quickly available directly from NoGrip (i won't post a direct link cuz I don't know how staff would feel about that. I don't see a problem, but somehow I suspect they might.)
    Something about that site Mega feels "sketchy" :cautious:
  16. So nice of you pushing this topic upwards :D Guess to much are still ignoring this little mod and don't give all those nice skins (made by the community!) the credits they deserve :D

    Of course, the download is possible from various different sites as well. But of course you need to understand that I can't post a resources here which links to other communities. At least in my eyes this somehow feels sketchy :D
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  17. We'll be racing this mod this coming Saturday actually =D
  18. Oh that's really great! Didn't see that ;) Reminds me of looking into the online race category more often :D

    Really wish I could participate in these online event again too. But I'm currently not able to estimate if I will be available that day :(
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  19. Björn

    Ävver et Hätz bliev he in Kölle

    Just sign up as "maybe", then :)
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  20. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    This little beauties just earned me a double win around Nords....love these cars. Enjoyed them the last time we took them out around Hockenheim too :) although it didn't end too well for me......