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Cars Toyota Corolla/Altis SP3

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Patrik Marek, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. and here is another one that our team is currently busy with ,
    external model is pretty much done, work is now being done mostly on cockpit

    modelling on the cockpit is being done by Bill Wiskins , I will only handle somepolishing/tweaking and textures.

    This car was initially supposed to be done really quickly, so it's perhaps not as accurate as I would like it to be, but time was tight.
    Now that we have more time to re-work it, the car is too far in the process to go back, so it will pretty much stay like this

    We're also currently tweaking physics which is close to being done,
    this car will be our first released car this year

    note about physics, we were supposed to get data from TRD ( toyota racing development) but in the end it hasn't worked out, so we don't really have much data on this car, so we decided to make it more like what we want it to be, rather then trying to make it 100% realistic,

    we would like this car to be similar to BMW m235i
    not decided yet it will be done as upgrade variant though, so that the base car can stay as close to real one as possible,

    time will tell

    and a CG render I did some time ago

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  2. Looks nice, two versions, one as similar as possible to the real car and one upgrade version would be great;)
  3. How upgraded?
  4. Look what Patrik wrote;)
  5. What I´m trying to get from you, is what kind of upgrades you or anyone would sit fit in this car. I´m not being rude to you.
  6. That's what I'm talking about.
    It would be great if Patrik and his team decide to do both variants. The default version which match the real counterpart and the s1 upgrade version which would be comparable to the BMW 235i Racing.
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  7. the "problem" with the real one is that there isn't that much data for it, and - if we do it, then there won't be any cars to race against, in similar performance

    so it makes me wonder if doing "real" one is really worth it ?
  8. the upgrade will be to match it's performance towards BMW m235i - as I wrote in my initial messge
  9. I can only speak for myself, but I would enjoy and appreciate the "real" car a lot.
    As I'm a regular visitor to the VLN series as well as to the 24h race I saw this car very often in action.
    Around the 24h-Nürburgring layout the Toyota is nearly 1 minute slower than the BMW 235i racing per lap, so driving them against each other would be a bit weird for me(it's like putting a BTCC or WTCC car up to GT3 pace:D). People that don't know the car and did not see it in action yet may think different about this ofcourse.
    Doing both versions would be a good mix if you ask me, even if the "real car won't be 100% accurate
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2016
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  10. Thanks, we will consider it :)

    one thing I like about update variants is that it can also have some slight tweaks to the mesh and textures, making for a little more aggressive car

    time will tell, depending on workloads etc
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  11. love that Clio!
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  12. That´s good to know. If the car is well simulated we can use for perfomance comaparision.
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  13. is this yours? model looks quite different wasnt sure.
  14. That's a Toyota corolla from Argentinian súper tc2000, not even the same car model
  15. it's based on same car - Corolla/Altis, but yeah this one is definitely something else, nothing to do with our modding team

    cool livery though, we might do something similar to this! :)
    I wanted to do something inspired by F1 racing team and racing toyotas in general .. like I did some time ago for the other Corolla I build for Simbin

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  16. My desktop :p[​IMG]
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  17. ours is a little bit different though, .. just saying :)
    but yeah, it will be fun car

    currently maybe tad slow though, and too grippy
    at least from my un-informed un-educated oppinion
  18. Toyota Altis is also getting some polishing pass,
    starting with texture for headlights

    rearlights to come next

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  19. UPDATE !!!!
    after quite some time, updates are making it through
    working on new MOTEC, still few things to do on this one, but it's getting there

    physics is considered done for a first version
    so now I only need to tidy up the cockpit a bit, so that it's ok-ish, before giving it the final polish , and perhaps some additional misc things like blurred rims and what not,

    we're hoping for release in January ( since we didn't made it for end of 2016)

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