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Cars Toyota Celica GTO 1987 V1.01

Toyota Celica GTO 1987 for Automobilista by Rebellion

  1. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

    Reb.Ellion submitted a new resource:

    Toyota Celica GTO 1987 - Toyota Celica GTO 1987 for Automobilista by Rebellion

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  2. Mr Reb.Ellion,

    Thank you, I have been waiting for this. May well be my favorite rF2 mod. Thank you for the years and years worth of joy/fun you have given to the sim racing community. You're awesome!

    Thank you again,

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  3. I love this Mod in rFactor 2.
    Let me ask. It has the complete features to AMS? Dirt pick up, flat spot, etc?
  4. Just gave it a quick go - Dude! Thank you!

    I look forward to being able to spend some time with this mod.

    Thank you,

  5. Its a great conversion, but would be nice if it can be perfected.

    I answered myself, testing, and there is no flat spot, you can burn and abuse the tires as much as you like.
    Aerodinamics, both front and rear, have about 30 levels, but even at wings 1/1, not much difference on the behaviour.

    Its very different from the rF2 version, a lot easier. Feels too sticky, and even with the respectable ammount of power, most of the times I could hit the gas full force without much concern.

    Lots of potential to be a top Mod, and Im only giving the feedback because I care and want it to be!
  6. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, my knowledge of physics is severely limited. If someone is here to create a better physics for the mod, Please do it for us.
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  7. Off-topic... Not sure if you're the author but, do you have any plans to release the Renault Sport Trophy mod, to AMS as well, Rebellion? I saw this mod in one of your vids, and looks very nice...
  8. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

    Is planned and should be very soon.
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  9. Cars look great, thanks for this mod!

    Is there any way to make the track loading bar default red instead of green for this mod?
    (Edit: Guess that wasn't too hard for me to find, "Loading Bar Color =" in the .srs is pretty obvious even for my dumb self! Haha. Might I ask about what "MultiplePerformances=1" is for though? Thanks)

    Also, I don't know if its the mod or just the track. But on Imola 2016, the one type of fence shows through, or on top of, the lines on the windshield for me. Don't really know how to explain it, I'll add a screenshot. I haven't tried a ton of tracks, but of the 3 or 4 I drove around on last night Imola 2016 is the only one it happened on that I noticed so far. Not a big deal and like I said, it might have to do with the track, not the mod.

    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016 at 15:56
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  10. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

    This strange effect I also noticed, but it could not find out what it is.
    "MultiplePerformances = 1" was in it and I just left it there. :whistling:
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  11. Appreciate the conversion. It would be amazing if whoever picks up the physics models it after the '86 1.0 version which was much more challenging and fun to drive.
  12. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    Nice, one of my rF2 favorites! Thanks :thumbsup:

    I'm not complaining, but not quite up to the rF2 feel and sounds (my opinion). Should be a fun AMS mod for those that don't have rF2.
  13. Just a quick note, this is converted from the update done on the original 32_pixels release, totally independent, by a community member. The car's characteristics were greatly changed into a fantasy car, and the updated one (called 1987) is much faster and docile to drive while also having other functionality not originally available like pit limiter, abs brakes, lights, etc.
  14. Well, I have the 87 version on my rF2, and it may be easier compared with the 86s, but still a very challenging car.
    Also quite different from this AMS version.
  15. Was about to report on the window heat line things and how you can see a lot of details through them on many tracks. But i saw you dont know why it happens. No biggie. Great mod. Sound is good, FFB is good, lots of liveries for large grid. :) Thank you very much.
  16. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

    Fix for the windshield in the description of the video. View on Youtube.
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