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Touring Masters v2.9

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ryan Callan, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. RF-BEST-MOD.png

    I have released v2.9 of the Touring Masters mod for rFactor. An overhaul of the original Touring Car Legends mod, Touring Masters is suited to league racing, along with many other fixes and improvements. The mod is used by the popular World Touring Masters Series and by the rFactor Racing Club here at RD.

    Changelog from v2.8 to v2.9, following feedback from the community (full changelog in download):

    Removed: 10kg - M3, 190E, 635 & Skyline, 20kg - Mustang & Holden, 25kg - Toyota
    Added: 10kg - Sierra, Volvo
    Tyre update
    Expanded choice of Sierra and M3 vehicles
    Small improvements

    Download v2.9 HERE

    Templates can be downloaded here

    If you appreciate this mod you can make a voluntary donation here.

  2. Thanks Ryan for the new version :)

    The first event with this version can be found HERE
  3. Thanks!
  4. thx for the work guys!!! ;)
    will try it now on DS, welcome :)
  5. i think there is something wrong with the engine sound of the Alfa???
    the sound is like a TDI... :D
  6. That's how it sounded (not exactly of course, difficult to get good recordings), they had to reduce the size of the engine for the turbo regulations of the time.

    It was uber-crap in it's time anyway, at Group A spec anyway :p
  7. It’s a TDi sound for sure very different from how it was before.

    Like the new skins, :doublethumb:thanks!
  8. what i have to do for password?
  9. For some reason, I don't have 'permission' to access the password page. Anyone else having this problem?
    What's the diff between 'licensed' & 'unlicensed' member?
    Ta in advance,
  10. thanks :p
  11. I guess you figured it out? :)
  12. Thanks mate ;)
  13. I Anyone else havAnyone else having this problem
  14. What problem?
  15. when i first downloaded the new version i let it over write the old version i had installed in game. then when i first tried to use the mod i had two versions of the holden for example, the old and the new version. later when i tried to play a race with all cars i had a message saying i have a problem with the isi engine. i there for erased all the files of the tcl mod in the gamelocation foler and reinstaled the mod again. everything works fine now:). and yes this mod is even better. i have'nt had the time to check the tyres defomation though.
  16. Always check the Read me first Amir. :wink:
  17. Ha - yeh - that text file named 'IMPORTANT - READ FIRST' :p
  18. But we still love you Amir. :wink:
  19. well i have a problems with rules. they are just made to be broken:)
    seriously now: i uauaely extract a mod for rfactor right into the game directory.i do not extract it into a diffrent folder before .that is why i didn't see that read me file.
  20. When you open the archive you see it :p :wink: