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Touring Masters v2.9 Released

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ryan Callan, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Previously it was posted that v2.8 was the final version of Touring Masters; however, there are a few changes being brought to the mod for the third season of the popular World Touring Masters league and with the delay and delay of rFactor 2, I decided to pass these changes on to the public as v2.9.
    WTM logo.png
    An overhaul of the original Touring Car Legends mod, Touring Masters is suited to league racing, along with many other fixes and improvements. The mod is used by the WTM series and by the rFactor Racing Club here at RD.

    Changelog from v2.8 to v2.9, following feedback from the community (full changelog in download):

    • Removed: 10kg - M3, 190E, 635 & Skyline, 20kg - Mustang & Holden, 25kg - Toyota
    • Added: 10kg - Sierra, Volvo
    • Tyre update
    • Expanded choice of Sierra and M3 vehicles
    • Small improvement
    Wet tyres have been added to the mod; of course rFactor does not feature wet weather (aside from wet texture on track), so the tyres are more for aesthetic/immersive value, and although they are very similar to the 'Hard' compound tyre, they do have certain wet tyre attributes. They are not useful to use in any other circumstances than when you want to for your own personal enjoyment on a wet track or when a league 'forces' you to, as they have slightly less grip and slightly higher tyre wear than hards.

    Download it HERE
  2. Thanks a lot for the release :) Not passworded anymore? What happened? Did the TCL guys change their mind?
  3. It's been spread so much anyway, pretty pointless passwording it.
  4. Still my favorite Ryan!! Thank you.
  5. I try to download but link are breaked. Anyone have a new link?
  6. Congratulations on this mod. Very well done indeed. It may be intended for on-line league use but it's fabulous offline as well. May be the best AI ever as far as competitiveness. Seems like I'm unable to find just the right setting with most mods - the AI either run away from me or I run away from them. Not Touring Masters. Just finished an offline season using the default rF circuits and they raced hard and clean from start to finish, stayed with me, and passed back if given the opportunity. Gobs of fun.

    The cars look and feel terrific. Sounds could be better - after a few laps the MB190 starts to sound like a swarm of bees - but all in al that's pretty minor.

    Thank you to all involved.

  7. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Just want to say thanks.
    Have just been through a small car selection process (ai laps at Bathurst and Catalunya to get short list and then laps from me at Bathurst )
    Chosen a car (E30 M3) and done a 10 lapper at Bathurst.
    I drove Jim Richards M3 in the game
    What a blast it was.I'm a Sydney boy (small town about 2 hours east of Bathurst).
    The memories flooded back. I was there in person when Steve Soper won in the Sierra and was DSQd for a bodywork infringement. Was lucky enough to meet Jim Richards in person (legend and a gentleman) and Dick Johnson and Allan Grice who I have been in the car with around Eastern Creek. Then to top it off your great intro videos feature Amaroo Park! I may have watched that race as I spent many a weekend there watching motor sport. and of course the music is so atmosperic.
    Thanks to all who gave their time. Great racing