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Touring Masters v2.7

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ryan Callan, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Well, I wanted to wait a little longer and only have one final release but there are a few too many things I'm wanting to test before the end of the year, so I've gone ahead and released 2.7. Quite a few changes and improvements. The most significant of these are the new sounds for the Alfa, along with refined SFXs for others and other new sounds. The other big story is that the Supra Turbo is no longer a Turbo (Toyota GmBH decided to revert back to their previous spec), meaning it has lost 42bhp and 110kg. The idea behind this was to give a more even spread of 'types' of cars, reducing the 'power' cars from 5 to 4.


    In reference to the tyres - grip has been reduced overall, but all compounds have been brough closer together. Wear rate increased for all also, but relatively more for soft and medium compounds.

    Full changes:

    Adjusted tyre physics
    Added new gearshift, startup and backfire sounds
    Refined SFX of Alfa, Holden, Supra and M3
    New Alfa sounds
    New collision sounds
    Side draft parameters implemented
    Loading bar colour change
    Added adjustable radiators to all models
    Enabled Holden rear camber adjustment
    Added 5kg to Volvo, (contrary to the changelog, 10kg has not been added to the Holden)
    Increased Holden drag, reduced Supra
    Onboard brake bias adjustment removed from Rover, Mustang, Volvo and 635
    Lowered Nissan and Mustang CoG
    Changed Toyota from Turbo to NA (-42bhp, -110kg)
    New intro video

    Please note tyre physics are still WIP and weights are not 100% final, however they are very close. Also stance adjustments are to come.

    Download details and instructions HERE
  2. AWESOME work Dude! D/L now! Thanks Ryo:D
  3. Got cooling problems with this version in the RS500, maybe others too, havent tried. Even with radiator at max (3), the engine is overheating within 3 laps, dead by the end of lap 5 with the water at 124c
  4. Thanks Ryan, awesome mod!
  5. So is the new version 2.7 or the 2.7hotfix or both? Sorry for my confusion.
  6. Ok, both i see. thanks.
  7. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks Ryan its always amusing put the gears and push the clutch :rally:
  8. great work
    thanks for your big effort, great :cool:
  9. Hello guys mate awsome job on the mod, looking forward to the race on the 24th.
  10. Mikk Maaten

    Mikk Maaten
    Premium Member

    Love it absolutly love it!