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Touring Car Legends / WTCC 1987 Expansion

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by John Bergqvist, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST!. ahem. anyway i was wondering have the rest of the cars featured in the real-life WTCC 87 season been released? because there were a few other cars racing, other than the BMW and the alfa 75.
  2. Short answer: No. The Alfa and BMW E30 were the only 87 cars to be featured in the game.

    As an alternative, there's always Touring Car Legends for rFactor... :sidefrown:
  3. looks nice ill try it out.
  4. I have a few TCL cars running in Evo, but no one seems to answer my requests to port these for public release to Evo... :(



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  5. Wow Gunthar, these would be the ultimate port across to GTRE. :worship:
  6. gunther, what car is it? Maserati biturbo??
  7. Ford Sierra Cosworth. :)
  8. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium Member

    awesomeness :D
  9. The Volvo 240 would very much belong together with the Alfa, the BMW and the Ford posted above. Would be nice to have a proper conversion/port of at least some the TCL cars.

  10. Typic.. have you tried different emails?
    i would love to beta test this mod, you did an incredible job with the DTM cars.:tremble:
  11. well, if we focus on the remaining wtcc 87 ones first:

    • Maserati Biturbo
    • Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (Gunthar)
    • Forid RS 500
    • Alfa Romeo 33
    we should be able to at least complete the wtcc 87 class. judging from the results/entry list on wikipedia. the drivers look complicated though. 5 drivers to a team???!!
  12. If, someone can find the correct email contacts then we might be able to move forward here... I have alot on, and searching for these has not come up with much... :(
  13. Wow, hope this happens. Good luck.
  14. Clicky - tried contacting members off RSC who are working on it?
  15. all links back to RSC that is no more :(
  16. their webby is down :( www.tclmod.myzen.co.uk

    I saw this guy on NG, Petrol, he sounds like he's an "insider"
    try him, i will do the effort to find the authors, i want these so bad! :D
  17. RSC is alive and kicking.
  18. cool, I stopped looking to see if they had come back to the living....

    Please all add your desire to see this mod added to GTR Evo in this thread:


  19. if permission comes, then we would have in the end:

    Alfa 75
    BMW e30
    BMW M3
    Corrolla x 2
    Holden x 2

  20. where is the drooling like a zombie emoticon!?!:kiss2::Banane59: