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Touring Car Legends 1.10 - released

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Jari Vinnari, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Crikey, it's actually out! Seemed to be one of those mods in perpetual development; big congrats to them for getting it out of the door.

    I might be sneaking out of work a few minutes early today then :)
  2. oooOooo

    Downloading and will give a try later

    Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/212947403/Touring_Car_Legends_Base_Pack_V1.0.rar
    RaceDepartment: http://forum.racedepartment.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=844

    For those who find megaupload, megaslow :p


    Sound Pack - Rapidshare | RaceDepartment
    Skin Pack pt1: Rapidshare | RaceDepartment
    Skin Pack pt2: Rapidshare | RaceDepartment
    Skin Pack pt3: Rapidshare | RaceDepartment
    Skin Pack pt4: Rapidshare | RaceDepartment
    Skin Pack pt5: Rapidshare | RaceDepartment
    Skin Pack pt6: Rapidshare | RaceDepartment
  3. Not bad, but the sounds are just the stock rFactor ones which is pretty poor.
  4. Does that include the sound pack?
  5. The soundpack has internal sounds but no external ones atm - I'm sure that'll be resolved soon enough though, be it by TCL themselves or by a third party.
  6. Glad i got the skin packs, for anyone on the fence about them it fills out the classes alot more by pulling the various models into other categories. BTCC 88 and 89 are pretty much complete with them installed.
  7. Great mod but I am having terrible problems playing this online

    Keep getting server does not recognise vehicle and even when I get in, often the game will crash and exit by itself as soon as I go out on track?

    Any ideas guys?
  8. I suppose this i going to depend on what skins you have installed compared to what the server has,if im not mistaken rF is the same as GTR2/GTL where the server has to have skins installed on it that correspond to what you have,looks like this mod needs to be all consolidated into one definitive version bundled up.
  9. I think so yes as I was playing fine last night with one other guy who, like me, had all skins and sound installed.

    Race lasted half a lap until he rolled an RS turbo at Mills, lol

    I crashed laughing!!
  10. I had some issues as well - I downloaded some parts from here, some from rapidshare, and some from megaupload (so that I didn't have to wait due to simultanious download limitations) and I had problems - despite having all 6 parts, I didn't have all of the cars (Simon said he was in Harvey's 89 Sierra which I couldn't find). My PC is downloading the torrent at home now, that should be rather less problematic.

    It'll all be ironed out soon I'm sure once more mirrors for the whole shabbang are up. It better be, anyway, we so need to run events with these; I've always wanted to throw a Sierra around somewhere like Oulton, H-shifting of course, and the physics are spot on what I expected - dream come true! :D
  11. The problem with that is the stupid shift delays mean it takes about 3 days to change gear rather than being able to do it as fast as you can.
  12. Indeed, that's unfortunate but it's not as bad as, say, GP79 before they reintroduced the historic version - that was annoying.
  13. Agreed on that - hopefully they will give the option to turn the shift delays off. That combined with some new much more immersive sounds and this mod would be so much more fun ;)
  14. I dont mind the shifting, teaches you to be smoother

    And in all honesty its mroe realistic!!
  15. I dont get a CTD I just get the game quitting instantly and a "program has stopped unexpectdedly!!

    Close program!!

    No idea why but it ONLY happens online

    I can use the mod fine on offline mode

    Could this be a CTD fault, I do use Vista so maybe the error messages are different?

    Incredibly frustrating I must say, just cant race this great mod online!!
  16. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    Get the fix Rob should solve your problems, if you say the problem is online only.