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Touring Car Icons

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by fsr, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. fsr


    Touring Car Icons (Help wanted)

    Edit 03.11.2010: I have to throw in the towel and accept that I am not skilled enough to make the kind of interior I would like to see in these cars, so I hereby ask the Racer community for help. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in helping out with the interiors?

    Here's the official thread for my new mod for Racer, Touring Car Icons.

    When I first got involved with Racer, it was actually because I was tired of all the regular racing games. However, I always end up making racecar for Racer. It started with a Formula Ford and a Clio Cup racer. Then came the Alfa 75 and the RS500. A pattern some might say.

    A few years ago I had the idea to make a proper mod for Racer. As I was crazy about drifting back then, I based it on the Japanese drifting series, D1. I gathered models and permissions from great modelers such as Stereo, Stecki and DaMotax and had my way with them. I also made one car (s15) from scratch. All the cars were remodeled and remapped in an attempt to get some sort of continuity and uniform elements. They all used the same materials as well as sharing shader, dials and some textures. That way I made it very easy for myself to create new content. Not that I ever did once the mod was finished, but still...

    As for Touring Car Icons, it's very much the same. I will not even attempt to create the most detailed, ground braking cars for Racer. In fact, I will keep it rather simple and leave it to others to fiddle with all the features Racer now offer. I'll just focus on making the cars look and handle to a certain predefined standard, keeping it as simple and fun as possible.

    So far I have two cars more or less ready. The RS500 that I've allready released, and a great BMW M3 that was originally made my Jole, TtR and Cosmo. The M3 just got a major overhaul this weekend. The model was refined and remapped excactly like the RS500, using the same skin layout and materials.

    screenshot001.jpg wp-lui-rs500.jpg

    As for a release, I aim to release version 1.1 of the RS500 and version 1.0 of the M3 in a few weeks time. Then continue to release skins on a weekly basis.

    As for new cars, I have some ideas, but not really the time to scratch model a bunch of cars. So if you have a model that might fit the mod, don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'm interested in contributions of any kind.

    Finally, I've decided to start using the name RaceDemon for all my 3D stuff. I've hade the domain and website for a while, and with FSR being confused with the F1 league for rFactor, I might as well brand my work with another name. Even made a logo with a little demon cartoon :D


    That's it for now. I'll keep you posted :)
  2. Awesome idea for a mode fsr, is it just going to be a car mod or will there be some tracks as well?

    also like the RaceDemon thing you came up with, the little demon cartoon looks awesome (like The Stig's evil cousin!)
  3. fsr


    Thanks. It's not really an original idea, but at least it would be the first mod like this for Racer. As for tracks, I will not make any new tracks, but I might give Donington and Bathurst an overhaul in terms of textures etc.

    I have no knowledge whatsoever about CG and stuff like that though, so I would need some help in that area. Anyone? :p
  4. If you could post up a basic shot of the wire/texture for the cars, so that if people contribute cars we can make sure they follow a similar style and standard...
    Imo it's important that a level of consistency is kept between cars :D

    Nice work though, look forward to racing, even if it's just two cars for now!

    Racer really needs a skin selection feature on the car select screen, so in multiplayer we can see different skins on the same car all from one car folder install!

    ...currently we need a car folder per skin which makes life hard. Ie, tons of duplicate enties, hard for authors to do updates etc etc...

    A key feature Racer will need at some point anyway, so may as well have it sooner than later :D

  5. fsr


    Good idea! I will post screens of the wireframe. I guess I could also post the skin templates and a list of material names and other stuff like 3 parts etc.

    As for the skin selector, that's a great idea. Raven works ok though, as I can include upgrade parts such as wheels. rFactor has a pretty good system for this, allthough a bit messy (like everything else in rFactor)...
  6. fsr


    rs-wire.jpg m3-wire.jpg

    Here are wires of both cars. They're pretty low poly, but still look good enough to me. I think the wheels have more polies each than the body. But as always, hi-res textures and wise material choices somewhat make up for the low polycount :p
  7. 2o6


    ....Would you accept Fantasy cars? I had this idea awhile back, that with the amount of fantasy makes on RACER, a Touring Car race/modeling challege with our Fantasy cars would be possible.
  8. There's my Mini as well, needs a few more bits put on still, and an interior.
  9. fsr


    I'm sorry, but that would be pointless as the whole idea is to recreate the classic racecars from the late 80's, early 90's. I get my dose of fantasy cars in LFS :)
  10. fsr


    A small update:

    The M3 is now ingame and pretty much just as done as the RS500. So far it's got only three skins, but more will follow very soon. I've now handed the cars over to Cosmo and Mr. Whippy, who will take a look at the numbers to make sure they're as close to the real thing as possible. The good thing about making racecars is that they are pretty much adjustable in every way imaginable, so no need to be 100% true to the road car. Rather the opposite really...

    I'm hoping for some up to date dampers and springs though. It works very well with the old style damping, as race car suspension has limited travel and are pretty linear, but Cosmo assures me that it will be even better with proper curves. I trust he is right,

    Here's a screenshot of the latest skin for the M3.

  11. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

  12. Great to see that this MOD will see the light of Racer :) it was my idea ;) and I cant wait to see some of that action in Racer!

    btw, we can make an overhaul to Nordschleife aswell ;)
  13. If I'm right, you worked on the TCL mod, correct?
  14. fsr


    Not that I know of :p

    EDIT: Damn, you're right. I totally forgot that I donated the Alfa 75 model! Man, I'm getting old...
  15. LOL :D

    btw, any progress on the project? :)
  16. fsr


    Not this weekend. Been in Germany at the Nordschleife :)
  17. wow, my dream is to drive on the infamous Green Hell at least one time in my life! Any pics vids? :p
  18. Very nice !! loved how you kicked arses of those m3 and focus rs xD
  19. BVSX, straights are for fast cars, curves are for fast drivers...