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Toughts about Vettel's super move at Suzuka race start

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by speedometer, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. i would like to know how all f1 fans think abouth vettels supermove at suzuka's race start.

    i think his honorable victory went down the drain bevore the first corner wats your tought??.
  2. I thought it was naughty. What would have happened had Lewis pulled that on Massa?

    I did look a very Schumi like move to me!

  3. Stewards chat:

    ..."PENALTY, PENALTY!!!"
    ..."Is Lewis involved???"
    ..."Huumm...no, it was Vettel that push Button to the grass"
    ..."No further action"

    ..."PENALTY, PENALTY!!!"
    ..." Is it Lewis this time???"
    ..."Huuhh...no, its Webber and Schumacker."
    ..."Call us only if Lewis is involved..."No further action"

    ..."PENALTY, PENALTY!!!"
    ..."This time is Lewis and Massa"
    ..."OK! Let's see what penalty we are giving to Lewis!"
    ..."Huuhh...there is a possibility that it is Massa fault..."
    ..."****..."No further action"
  4. i loved the comments at the end of the race where button asked with a smile on his face, didnt u see me i was right on the grass.
    and he still won the race :) and saved his dignity

    if vettel was a real sports man he would atleast left some room, button was on the dirty side anyway altough maybe he might have had more speed..

    lol @sergio
  5. "So, that's how we're racing then?"

    You could see him thinking "OK Seb, OK, game on....."
  6. Jenson really does just ooze class.
  7. What Vettel pulled on Button was something ALMOST similar to what ALonso pulled on Jenson @ the Italian GP 2010, but Alonso knows better not to run people all the way unless your name is Vettel. The move on Singapore 2010 was very aggresive but Alonso managed to pulled a further to cut Vettel across. I can see what Vettel was trying to do to Jenson but just swinging like that would go unnoticed for a while. You may want to argue "well Alonso ran Vettel to the grass @ MOnza this year" its different. not a fanboy unlike some but its the Italian GP, and Fernando still had track position at that end point of the Curva Grande.
  8. Horner said it correctly, it was in the limits of what's allowed. F1 is at the absolute limit of regulations, drivers need to be allowed to drive and fight. But next season is not going to be as jolly as 2011.. Let's face it, this season has been mostly filled with smiles and laughter amongst the drivers. I could nominate this season as The Jolliest Season Ever.:tongue:
  9. Yea, but Hamilton deserved that opinion... Stupid driving sometimes (2008 Canada, LOL)

    Vettel's move? Just like Button vs Hamilton this year in Canada. There was no further action... That'a OK.
  10. Bad example as they were racing on a wet track so other rules apply there while here it is on complite dry and on the start were the drivers are watching there rears more then they do usualy.

    I found the move being very close to the limit.
  11. My thought is that he is just a competitive driver and really wanted to grab the WDC with a bang (win). He pushed the line a little to far at the start in my opinion, possibly worthy of a penalty.
  12. I thought he cut it a bit tight, and I understand jensens point of view, but I guess all racing drivers want to win and Vettel was very...... determined:tongue:
  13. I thought it was a brilliant start. Yes it was a little harsh for Button to be forced to get off the gas. However Jenson drove himself on the grass, Vettel was not controlling Button's throttle nor his steering wheel and it really was no different than many other starts we have seen in F1 over the years. If people want to amend the rules on what drivers can and can not do on the race start, then by all means lobby for some rule changes. But we have seen this sort of start from many different drivers over the years. Oh and we also saw Alonso force Vettel to also drive on the grass back in Monza. But once again it was Vettel who choose to drive on the green stuff. Alonso was not controlling Vettel's throttle and steering wheel back in Monza.
  14. Couldn't have said it better myself. Perfectly legal move where you squeeze the driver next to you, he decides to go into the grass or hit the brake. It's as old as the sport.
  15. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Nothing wrong with it at all, anyone with a racing head on them would do the exact same.
  16. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    My view is:

    a: If Button had kept all his wheels on the track, and they had made contact (this will be hypotetical, because we cannot prove it). Then it is not allowed.

    b: If Button had kept all his wheels on the track, and no contact had been made - everything is OK.

    So, if they were so close that Button had to leave the track to avoid contact, Vettel failed to give enough room.
  17. For Vettel to fail to give enough room, means it was Vettel's to give or not, he chose not. It then falls on Button to go on the grass, hit the brake(the right choice), or to hit Vettel.
  18. It was a dirty move by Vettel, very unfair, and imo it could have been a penalty. Button had his front wheels ahead Vettel's rears, so Vettel should have left enough space there for Button.

    About the Massa&Hamilton incident. LOL how on earth could it be Massa's fault? He was on the outside line, going straight braking for the chicane. The driver who was changing line was again Hamilton. But it didn't have such consequences like the Singapore incident so it was fine without a penalty.
  19. I think that if Massa had lost his front wing completely then we might have had a brawl on our hands in the press area.
  20. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    I don't agree, Vettel is the one making the move, he has to make sure that his move, doesn't force another driver off the road.