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Misc TOTAL Upgrade F1 1988 1.7

Total Upgrade for Pedro 1988 Mod

  1. Posição dos pilotos dentro do carro parado na garagem. Ao entrar no carro, as pernas se misturam com o volante e o próprio carro. O monitor fica fora de lugar e sem função. Entre outros. Acredito que fará os acertos e o MOD ficará 100%.
  2. Hi, the language used in the forum is not your own ... then about your judgment, I can say that the bugs are just the Mclaren model, easily solved by downloading my mod: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ mclaren-mp4-4-1988-anti-tobacco-version.9264 /, the rest helmet and skin car, race driver suite, mod images are absolutely perfect !!!!!
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  3. Ok. It is my language. I'm brazilian. The most important is the mod plays with no problems. Go ahead man...
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  5. chianamik updated TOTAL Upgrade F1 1988 with a new update entry:

    New Upgrade 1.7

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