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Total Spanish Simulator (New Company)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by carloscasas, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. We invite you to visit our web of simulation products and accessories we have made.

    Here you can find some finished products such as Cockpits, Cookie Adaptation and Quick Release for G27. And of course, much information about the main product (Retroprojector Screen) almost over for driving simulators, flight simulators, shooters and RPGames.

    I hope you enjoy it and will keep you informed of our news and developments.

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  2. You can see the first pictures of the new screen. We increased the height range and also have changed the material. Now is made in aluminum of 45m / m side, which allows better hight regulation, better finish (no paint) and it’s integrated with the cockpit as a whole.

    More photos soon.




  3. We show you the photos of our new Cockpit. Made by Aluminium, is a product with excellent quality and an attractive price for all racers.
    You will have pictures of their accessories very soon:
    -Keyboard holder
    -Mouse holder
    -1 or 3 Monitors holder

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  4. Looks interesting. Minimalistic but probably sturdy as hell.
  5. 2 questions about the back projector screens
    What is the display resolution?
    What is the cost?
  6. The display resolution depends of projectors. We are tested the acer 330 and optoma 500 (450 eur) and is 1680*1080. But is you want more resolution, you can buy a projector full hd.

    The cost is

    Screen 1 - 600 eur
    Screen 2 ( longest) - 700 eur

    In web there is more information
  7. Well, your display sounds a lot better than what was available out there. The CRVD display was using projectors that only went to 900 vertical and the screen with those was listed at $6500.00 US Dollars. Will have to give this some serious consideration.

    I presume your price is without the projectors.
  8. Yes, the price is without projectors.

    There is Led projectors like ACER k330 and Optoma 500 around 450 euros and tested in our screen.

    Kind Regards.
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  9. ¿Aproximadamente cuanto será para envíos al Reino Unido para la versión básica?
  10. Hi Tom. Hola. Los portes son 50 euros con seguro. (shipping 50 eur with insurance).
  11. Been looking at that cockpit for a while now and it´s perfect really :)

    When do you think you have all the extra things ready like keyboard tray, mouse holder etc?
    And will the triple screen stand be standalone? Will it be possible to move the screens right behind the wheel?

    I assume the cockpit does not come with a seat, if i want to buy one myself from a store, is there anything i should look for in terms of mounting system? Or will any seat fit right on?
  12. Hello Hampus.

    We are avaliable the mouse stand, shifter holder extra and hand brake Stand. The Keyboard tray and 1/3 monitores Frame in a few days. It's possible adjust the position of Monitors Frame.

    And is compatible with all SEATS, wheels, shifters, pedals and hand brakes. ;)

    You can see the photos and prices on the web.

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  13. [​IMG]
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  15. That´s what i´m talking about :) the cockpit in last pic looks incredible!

    Looks so sturdy, compact, minimalistic and hardcore at the same time.

    I actually have worked with similar aluminium profiles and i know how sturdy and strong it is.
    Looks clean and with the saying "form follows function" which makes it beautiful in my eyes.

    Edit: like this from your site, pure racing :)
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  16. Thanks!!

    The aluminum profile is the best.

    More news the next week.
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  17. Wow. 300 euro for only the cockpit stand, so without a Seat, Thats hella expensive
  18. Hi Joel, we think that is a very good price. Our Aluminium Profile is 45x45 mm. It's very strong and resistant. Most of cockpits made in aluminium, have profiles of 30x30 mm. The difference is huge.

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