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total pc dummy

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Roger Snead, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. I just got netkar pro 1.3. Downloaded Bahrain and somehow put it in a folder in MY DOCUMENTS. I know there are some people who enjoy helping those who are pc challenged. If anyone has the time to instruct me very simple , step by step, how to get the track into the game, I would be honored. I know nothing and quite frankly dont know how anyone would just know. How do you learn this procedure? Al the terms and jargon....there is no manual fro such. I am just so tired of trying. I have w7 IE9. Thank you
  2. You need to put the track folder in the folder you installed netkar in. In my case, that would be C:\nkpro13\tracks
  3. I said dummy. To put it in?? Bahrain was in "Documents" along with "nkp folder" I made a new folder in Documents ,titled it "tracks"dragged Bahrain and dropped in it, then dragged" tracks" and dropped in " nkp folder" It is Documents/netkar pro/tracks/Bahrain I looked for it in tracks (in the game) not there. Restarted pc and looked again..not there. If you have the patience or anyone else to help, please be very simple and clear. I understand if not, i will move on. The drag and drop procedure just came to me. I dont know if thats what you even do. But Bahrain is in there with all the details. Thanks for your time.
  4. Can't really make it any simpler than that.

    Forget about Documents.
    Find the folder you installed netkar in (it has 'netKar PRO_NT.exe' in it). There is also a 'tracks' folder there. Put the Bahrain folder inside the tracks folder.

    Here's a video I made for GTL, maybe you'll find it useful somehow.

  5. Thanks friend. you have to know this ..I just learned how to turn on a pc not long ago at 55y.o. Makes no sense to me...simple to you. I am done. It really sucks not understanding, I can tear any piece of machine apart and fix it..not this.
  6. Here we go:
    • mouse left click on "Start" button (that "flag" in the left bottom corner of your screen)
    • in "Start" menu mouse left click at fisrt (top) item at the right side - just under your user profile picture
    • in opened window find folder "Downloads" - mouse double left click on it
    • find your "Bahrain" file - mouse double left click to open it
    • there you will see the folder with the same name - mouse right click on it and choose "Copy" in appeared menu
    • now, in the left side of this window find "Computer" item - left click on it
    • find an item with icon (small picture) with the flag like "Start" button - mouse double left click on it to open
    • find folder called "nkp13" - mouse double left click to open it
    • next, find the folder called "tracks" - mouse double left click on it to open
    • mouse right click at free space there (not at any folder) and mouse left click at item "Paste" in appeared menu
    • start netKar PRO and race at your new track
    Good luck :)
  7. THANK YOU! Worked perfect. I really appreciate your time and effort. With all due respect to Mr Subasic that's what I needed. I can guarantee you there will be plenty of others using this. I saved it of course. I will remember it after a couple more times. If I look stupid on this forum.....so be it. I rather look stupid and get a solution than keep my pride and remain stupid. Now on to Nordschleif! :)
  8. Hello. I have played the demo of NetKar PRO for a day now, and i'm wondering that if i buy the whole game, and download some new tracks, will i be able to run online against other people who have got the same tracks? Say, if i download Imola, and want to race online. Will there be other people online with that track, that i can just join a game with? I'm really not any good at this stuff, and very new to the PC style simracing so any help would be greatly appreciated.. :cool:
  9. Yes, you will, but it might be hard to find a server with that track and with people on it. It's easier to race in a league type environment, where a bunch of people will turn up at a predefined track at a predefined time. That way you get more than one car on the track ;) "League" does not have to be as intimidating as it sounds; there are many friendly leagues with drivers of all abilities.
  10. Thanks guys. Really helpful.. Looking forward to getting started with this sim soon