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Skins Torro Rosso Alternate Paint (Fantasy) 1.0

A recoloured Torro Rosso

  1. Last edited: Aug 26, 2016
  2. Look good! :)
    Could you maybe made the normal blue from Toro Rosso a little bit lighter? Not to extremly, but a Lightblue. :)
  3. great mod dude!
  4. Or silver! If you can it'd be greatly appreciated!
  5. The game make a true silver like the old Mclaren impossible. I could make a white version if I find time between other projects I'm working on.
  6. realitychecked


    It is possible. You need to fiddle around the materials and the SFC to perfection. Anybody who has a physical copy of F1 2015 could help out, as the old McLaren Honda livery was there. Also, it's toRo rosso, not toRRO rosso.
  7. Hi please i love your mod, but i have a big problem with it. For some reason, there are weird stripes and shapes all over the skin on the car. Photo is here:http://i485.photobucket.com/albums/rr213/Molda222/F1_2016 29-01-2017 16-57-36-575.jpg
    I was trying everything but nothing helped, but i found out, that it is happening only when the sun is shining on the car. When the car is in the shadow, or there are clouds or its evening, the skins is perfectly ok. Can you please help? Thank you so much
    (it is not as visible on your skin because its black, but i have the same issue with two other skins)
  8. It might be because it was created for an old version of the game and that somehow messed up the files. Unfortunately I won't be updating it any further, sorry.