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Skins Torro Rosso Alternate Paint (Fantasy) 1.0

A recoloured Torro Rosso

  1. Last edited: Aug 26, 2016
  2. Look good! :)
    Could you maybe made the normal blue from Toro Rosso a little bit lighter? Not to extremly, but a Lightblue. :)
  3. great mod dude!
  4. Or silver! If you can it'd be greatly appreciated!
  5. The game make a true silver like the old Mclaren impossible. I could make a white version if I find time between other projects I'm working on.
  6. realitychecked


    It is possible. You need to fiddle around the materials and the SFC to perfection. Anybody who has a physical copy of F1 2015 could help out, as the old McLaren Honda livery was there. Also, it's toRo rosso, not toRRO rosso.