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Top speed

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by ENDR, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. ENDR


    How fast have you managed to go?

    I've just tried a few times - at Monza of course. Reaching 366 km/h required engaging KERS halfway through Parabolica, so that I was out just before the finish line, and using a fresh new "batch" to help accelerate at 7th gear. I even went straight through the escape road in the first chicane, so that I wouldn't lose any speed. Still, with downforce set to minimum and a loooong 7th gear, the car maxed out at 366 km/h.
    Now, in 2005 Montoya set a F1 speed record with 367 km/h using a "normal" setup and sticking strictly to the race track. It makes you wonder about the power of the "old" V10 engines :)
  2. nrthee2


    I'm reached 371 km/h in monza with mclaren

    I have a screenshot at 370 km/h

  3. TGApples


    I can't manage faster than 371 kph without slipstreaming (GP, Mclaren, Mix 3). 372 kph might be possible if I drop 7th down, as I'm not on the limiter. With slipstreaming I reached 379 kph before I ploughed into the back of Jenson and totalled us both... pretty certain you could go faster if you time it right with the slipstream.