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Top Speed with Gears & Rear Wing Strategy?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by dazzadp, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    Im looking for some advice on setting the car for top speed. I am racing with Virgin at Melbourne.

    The track info sais that the top speed is 188 mph, now with the default set up i can get the car to 176mph (without DRS) and 184mph (with DRS). I can then reduce Rear wing and extend 7th Gear to increase both speeds. I have now got Rear Wing (1) and 7th Gear at (192mph) and am reaching top end speed of 191mph (with DRS).

    That's fine, i can do that, BUT

    My setup for Qualifying should be done incorporating the DRS for absolute max speed on the straight.

    But with the Race setup, is it pointless setting the car up for DRS as im in a Virgin and dont expect to be using the DRS zone very much. Will I be waisting vital seconds per lap?

    Your help is appreciated!
  2. You are answering your question yourself. Yes, the optimum 7th gear is different when you have DRS available any time and when you don't. How much time you would be wasting will depend on the circuit and your driving, difficult to say (but easy to test yourself during P sessions).

    Keep in mind that, if you want ultimate realism, you should use the same setup in Q and R, in agreement with real F1 regulations (however the game does not enforce this).
  3. Surely that extra straight line speed is worthless though because your car must be horrific in the corners with the rear wing set to 1?
  4. That is true, but yet to set mechanical grip!
  5. depends on what kind of corner it is .... a high speed sweeping turn is all wing....slow speed corners and chicanes are for the most part all about mechanical grip
  6. Also depends what the front wing is...I can only imagine the rear end slides around a whole lot with that, especially considering at Melbourne there are a number of sweeping faster corners ;)