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Top speed on the toyota LMP1 at le mans

Discussion in 'Project CARS Setups' started by aubreyorion, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, just wondering if someone can give me some insight on this. I'm gearing up for a league race and i'm trying to get the toyota sorted out at le mans. I'm top 3 on the leaderboard right now so i'm feeling okay but one thing thats bothering me is the top speed of the car vs my actual top speed on the mulsanne straight. Says 330 something kph in the garage and i'm only banging out a 310 by the end of the straight, and thats with zero downforce, no toe angles, ducts closed up, and tyres at correct temps. am i forgetting something here?
  2. Also LMP1* not Lamp lol