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Skins Top Gear endurance skin for BMW M3 E30 2015-04-23

Top Gear's M3 livery.

  1. Diogo Goetz Brand submitted a new resource:

    Peniston Oils skin for BMW M3 E30 - Top Gear's 330D livery.

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    Last edited: Apr 25, 2015
  2. By the way. This was a 330D not an M3. They competed in the diesel racing class.
  3. Did you make the Duopop, Peniston, and Larsen's logos yourself? You say it is your first time using PhotoShop and it looks awful similar to a previously released Top Gear-inspired car.
  4. True that. I keep thinking that all 3 series are M3s.
  5. Yes, I made it all by myself, and all my inspiration was from the actual Top Gear car using some research to find out what the Peniston Oils font is, and since I didn't have the actual font for the Larsen's biscuits, I used the closest I had. I can guarantee you I didn't rip anything from anyone.