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Top 3 Teams Available Career Start

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. We can be the 2nd Driver for top 3 teams and we can compete with them

    Work In Progress - Top Teams for Start of career V 3.0

    Realistic LAP TIMES (Work In Progress)(Thanks to Kristiannn for all the things and Help he made)

    Link for Surface Mod : https://rapidshare.com/files/78463054/Surface_Mod.rar
    which reduces Grip in Dry Conditions: Adjusted Times are not yet Finished but i wanted to show how i made changes to Surface after Long testing I need Feedback of people about this Mod

    Link for realistic lap times Beta V 3.1 Mod :


    Link for AI 3.1 :

    (use this database link instead of the database in AI 3.1)

    Updated Database V3.2



    Enhanced AI with Late breaking

    Tire choices for First 6 races(Bahrain Tire choice will be for Turkey)
    Lots of fights
    Compatible With Mr.Pibb updated Mod V 3.0
    Career Choice Teams: RBR, Mclaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault

    Recommendations :
    Mr.Pibb V3.0
    I used the default Damage Modifier for this so that the car's won't get DNF much due to patch 1.2
    Use flow.bin prepatch for this Database

    Haven't tested with the Existing career so a backup is necessary for those who does not want to ruin their existing career

    The previous links are in the File below
    Here are the previous Links :
    Rapid Share Link Beta(2.0): https://rapidshare.com/files/3837433524/Beta_V_2.0.rar
    Rapid Share Link for Beta V 2.1:

    Feedback will be appreciated
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  2. I forgot to mention to say thanks to kristiann and Altitla33 as they share their ideas with me to make this
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  3. AtTiLa33:D
  4. kristiannn :D
  5. sorry for wrong typing your name guys
  6. Report any problems or bugs i will try to fix them As soon as Possible
  7. No reviews yet???
  8. Can you please upload the files on mediafire because for some reason when I click on the links there's no files
  9. Check the thread again
  10. A
    I will check about that and will fix it in V 1.1 and did you have any other mods installed
    Can you tell me how the Top drivers are performing all the time
  11. 90% of the top teams would end up in positions 1-8. Overtaking is good. Use it only at your mod.Webber Vettel is stronger than 75% of the track. Sorry my english not good.
  12. Kartik:
    Does this mod makes me capable of starting a Career directly with mclaren for example ?
    This would be highly appreciated as i am currently modding the Mclaren team as a "Braveheart-Discovery" fantasy F1 team. I have already modded garage, pitcrew, racecrew, trucks, driving suits, car, menu pics, helmets, etc etc.
    I can test all of those things, except the rest rooms, and the big truck as I have not yet run a ny Career Mode at all.

  13. You can start with Mclaren as it was just a graphic update
    No problems will exist but if found any report me
  14. what do you mean by .Webber Vettel is stronger than 75% of the track
  15. At the end of the drive, Webber has better place than Vettel
  16. At qualy or Race??
  17. Race
  18. Can you tell me in which positions they both are finished
    Actually it happens due to The backmarkers as they make them loose time
  19. Webber is better than Vettel anyways. He proved it 2010. He just didn't have the luck of Vettel. Now RedBull don't allow him to race with Vettel, that's why he's slower.
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