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Top 10 racing simulators

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Paulo Neto, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. syr guys, cant get this on google or any site. What the most used and the best, seen it sometime here at RD.
  2. How long is a wooden plank?

    It depends entirely on what you look for.
  3. Well, he did say Racing sims, to be fair.

    1. Grand Prix 4
    2. rFactor
    3. Race 07
    4. GTR 2
    5. F1 Challenge 99-02

    Those are the only ones I've really played, but some others might opt for Game Stock Car. I do not have any other sims knowledge really - and no, F1 2010/11 are not sims.
  4. Yea but what determines what is best? Modding ability? Physics? graphics? netcode? community?

    Again, how long is a wooden plank? You have to be more specific as they are all very good at their respective thing.