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Top 10 Fastest F1 Cars

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. The Video Owner made a List of Top 10 Super quick cars
    Do you guys think that list was Perfect or do he missed any others
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  2. Fantastic video. I also think that the way he compared the cars is also correct.
  3. ok i stopped when the MP4-25 come up. He can´t have been watching a lot of F1...
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  4. Ηe just compared with numbers, not his own liking.;)
  5. "By adding together each cars' laps from 5 tracks, in Melbourne, Monaco, Shanghai, Sepang & Sao Paulo, I got an overall total of whcih car is the fastest. Each lap was their best lap of the weekend, and wet times were rounded up to dry time. This system isn't accurate, but neither is any system."

    Yea that sounds like a good way to go about things.... facepalm.
  6. In no particular order,


    Just to name a few.
  7. The video just ranks cars according to lap time, which is certainly not the worst measure of 'speed' :rolleyes:
    Ranking them according to how they compared to other cars of the same season is just another way. To be honest, when I first opened the video I also expected to see the MP4/4, FW14B etc. in there, but that doesn't mean using laptime as a measure is completely false. In regard to the current debate about how the 2014 cars might become too slow, it might even be more interesting.
  8. imo the RB7 is the all time beast in qualifying and F2004 in race conditions

    MP4/4 is statistically the most dominant over a season,but was it the fastest over a lap,not likely
  9. Why is the McLaren MP4-13 not in there... Or did I miss that?
  10. Because the MP4-13 is about 6-8s slower on a lap than the BAR 004...
  11. F500 had a Win-rate of 87.5%
    F500 had a Qual-rate of 87.5%
    F500 had a Fastlap-rate of 87.5%

    F2002 had a Win-rate of 78.9%
    F2002 had a Qual-rate of 57.8%
    F2002 had a Fastlap-rate of 78.9%

    F2004 had a Win-rate of 75%
    F2004 had a Qual-rate of 60%
    F2004 had a Fastlap-rate of 70%

    RB6 had a Win-rate of 47.3%
    RB6 had a Qual-rate of 78.9%
    RB6 had a Fastlap-rate of 31.5%

    RB7 had a Win-rate of 63.1%
    RB7 had a Qual-rate of 94.7%
    RB7 had a Fastlap-rate of 52.6%

    FW14B had a Win-rate of 62.5%
    FW14B had a Qual-rate of 93.75%
    FW14B had a Fastlap-rate of 68.7%

    FW15 had a Win-rate of 62.5%
    FW15 had a Qual-rate of 93.75%
    FW15 had a Fastlap-rate of 62.5%

    FW18 had a Win-rate of 75%
    RW18 had a Qual-rate of 75%
    FW18 had a Fastlap-rate of 68.75%

    MP4/4 had a Win-rate of 93,75%
    MP4/4 had a Qual-rate of 93,75%
    MP4/4 had a Fastlap-rate of 62,5%
  12. Yea handpicked tracks, it´s the strangest comparison you could ever come up with.
  13. From what I can see, the guy who made the video picked the tracks which were used all this time. For example, you couldn't use the time from Spa because it wasn't driven in 2006. Not sure why Monza and Catalunya are not included then, though. I'm guessing because of the changes to the track layout.
    That simply means those "handpicked" tracks are the only ones that make sense.
  14. @Hampus:i remember having that discusion with u once:D and i think it was the same chart u brought up,which is a great one,but do we determine the Fastest car of all time for its win ratio% per season or do we go by lap record

    because my statement was based on lap records in Q and Race

    for example: the RB7 did a 1 13 4xx in 2011 in Q at Monaco
    whereas the F2004 was in the 1 14 6xx in 2004 and so on..

    edit:did Montoya ever do 1 11 xx at Monaco in the Williams?.. or am i thinking of Brazil,

    surely it is Brazil then
  15. Ivan Mills Lap records is a stronger point i agree but you run into the same problem as i explained below.

    Not sure but i would guess most records are from 2004 and 2005 with the 2009 Williams taking either one or two, think it was one.
    Then with the refuelling ban you have to find out what the cars ran in Qualifying as all lap records are counted in races.

    but yes, the Red Bull RB7 and Sebastian Vettel has the "true" world record around Monaco, he and that car is the fastest anything has went around Monaco as far as i know.
    1 tenth clear of Kimi in 2005.

    But that won´t work because basically no track through history has run the same identical layout.
    So what you have to do is cherry pick tracks and cars which means it´s a list of cool cars and not necessarily the fastest machines.

    Best way is to look on a year by year basis and compare cars from the same period to see just how dominant one was over the other cars.
  16. Quali laps from 2004 and 2011 CAN'T be compared, 2004 Quali was done with 1st stint race fuel, about 1/3 of a race (I think) whereas 2011 would be done with 3 laps ;)
  17. true,rule, regulation and track changes make it very difficult to establish one other then going on yearly win % basis

    Monaco is still not a bad barometer tho,since its remained fairly the same(not sure when was the last time they altered the chicane after the tunnel) to keep track of how fast a F1 car is regardless
  18. i understand your concern Darren,but the 2004 car were also 900HP and with 5G of braking ,so that does play into the equasion too
  19. Fastest Q laps
    Australia - RB7(2011) - 1 23 .5
    Japan - F248(2006) - 1 29.xx
    China - RB7(2011) - 1 33 .7
    Monaco - RB7(2011) - 1 13.5
    Hungary - RB6(2010) - 1 18.6
    Italy - F2004(2004) - 1 20.0
    Brazil - F2004(2004) - 1 10 6
    Malasya - R25(2005) - 1 32 5
    Germany -F2004(2004) - 1 28 3
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