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Too easy?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dutch De Jong, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Im driving in career in my first season in a Renault (database file mod, changed it back to original after mod) and on max difficulty only ABS and traction control on and i easally drive faster times then top teams, but at the same time i'm outraced on the straight by every car (also lotus, virgin and HRT)

    Im using the pre-patch version of f1-2010 and the AI Fix by koeloe
    Im also racing 20% racing distance

    Im am currently reinstalling F1-2010, but i dont think its gonna work
    does any1 else have a solution (with a mod perhaps), cuz the game aint that fun like this
  2. Do you use a wheel? Try it without aids, and with a longer race distance.
  3. Turn of traction control and abs and it will be harder, so dont cry that it's too easy when you still have aids on..
  4. aids are a joke.. turn em off
  5. assists off makes you go faster.. i wonder why every one here has aids tough...
  6. okay i will try all aids of, i keep spinning out wiht no traction control XD, but i just need to practice on that i quess

    and im gonna try a 50% race to see if i have the time to do 1 lol
  7. Not true. Practice makes you faster although with aids you can be fast without much practice.
  8. true i agree with that aids make you faster aslong as you practice otherwise its the same or worse :)
  9. It's too bad aids actually make a car faster in this game, unlike in something like rFactor, where traction control makes driving easier but ultimately slower. The leaderboard usually seems to be topped by aided drivers.
  10. Traction control on a real F1 car would make it faster, F1 cars used to have traction control, if they thought it made the cars slower they wouldnt have bothered using it. Traction control in F1 2010 makes the car faster, you can get on the throttle earlier. In rfactor it generally makes you slower, but not always with the F1 cars, you can get on the throttle earlier and gain speed with light TC at some tracks, Its also strange driving the F1 car models in Rfactor without traction control, when those cars in real life actually had traction control.

    Anyway, if you're driving with aids, you can't really complain about it being too easy, as you have the "make it easier" options on.
  11. mpp


    I do not understand why people say it is too easy or even easy. I am with Virgin, no aids except for pits and racing line. I am also playing on PS3 with Logitech Driving Force Wireless. Most of the time I out qualify and out race my team mate, but that is all. In almost every circuit I am around 3 to 4 seconds off the pace. I use the setups provided in this forum and most times tweak them a bit. Unless I have a bad version, I do not understand why it is easy.
  12. Yeh dito, i find career mode quite hard. Im more at home online.