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To Wheel or not To Wheel

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Perrie Hintz, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. I have played Turismo right from 1 and have always used the dualshock controller, mainly for convenience and familiarity.
    I have tried wheels from time to time and found that the complete lack of tactile feedback apart from a bit of vibration and wobbling over bumps made them feel unnatural and frustrating to use.
    I would like to know exactly what benefits a wheel would have over the controller and which one would the best to get.
    Keep in mind that I am an australian driver so any wheel that has a gearshift on the right side is completely useless to me.
  2. If you can drive comfortably with the controller then you may not gain much if you get a wheel. On the other hand if you are like me and get absolutely frustrated with the controller and can not drive with it at all you will be much faster and have much more fun with a wheel.

    What I gained from moving from controller to wheel were:
    - consistancy. I can drive the track like I am trying to do. With pad it was hit a or miss for every corner.
    - precision. I can put the car where I want on the track
    - speed. I'm much faster with a wheel than with a controller and it is also a lot easier to drive
    - more fun. Driving with pad was just frustrating. Driving with wheel is rewarding.
    - better sense of everything that the car is doing. Understeer, oversteer, braking, accelerating, corrections all are easier, more natural and more fun with a wheel.

    I have the fanatec 911 s wheel myself and it is not exactly a cheap alternative to a controller. But personally I couldn't play the gt5 or forza3 with a controller so I have no choise :).
  3. i always used a controller, but then i got a g27 wheel (which has a gear shift that can be put any were) and straight away i noticed that i was improving my lap times on all of my racing games, some times the ffb is a little werid at some times but nothing is ever goning to be like the real thing, but the ffb in this game i think is excelent.
  4. Did you try wheels with Vibration feedback instead of Force feedback? The distinction between them is extremely huge...
    Vibration feedback is some useless vibrations without any forces.
  5. Thanks for the honest open replies, rather refreshing to be in a gaming forum with a positive note.
    Yes I am very comfortable with a controller but still lack absoloute fine control, ie I can place the car pretty well anywhere I like on the track but still tend to spin the wheels on accelerate and lock up the the brakes due to the limited range on the controller sticks.
    Yes the wheels I have tried only had vibration feedback but that was the only technology that was available and supported at the time.
    The biggest issue I had with wheels was the steering response, if the car got slightly out of shape, by the time I reacted on the wheel the car was going the other way so then i come back only to be too late to catch it that way and just end up doing slaloms down the straights.
    Do the new force feedback wheels provide that tactile indication and have the response needed to keep up with the cars movements?
    The other issue I had was trying to drive with a steering wheel sitting lose on my lap. (Poor cats got smacked with a wheel on the hairpins many a time) but if the investments worth it I will mount it in a seat frame.
    Again thanks for the responses and keep them coming, Im interested in hearing a broader range of views for and against wheels and choice of brands/models.
  6. I have a g27 like I said before and then I bought a basic hyper drive play seat for 200 bucks which is made for the wheel and the shfter it packs up pretty well. And they are made in Adelaide.
  7. it also makes a huge difference which wheel to get. The G25 and G27 are one of the best wheels to get and you wont regret it
  8. I've played a few cheaper wheels in the passed (on PS1 and Dreamcast) and was not able to get on with them too well, but i currently own a G27, one of the modern era FFB wheels and i think its fantastic, i played GT1-4 using a gamepad controller and i loved it every moment but after playing GT5 with my wheel i find it hard to go back to the controller, the wheel allows you so much more precision and control over the car its just a world of difference, the force feedback makes a big difference to the experience as it allows you to feel the car and feel the grip of the tyres.