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To get the best graphics with gtx 980

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Kim Paulsen, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, i just bought a new pc with i7 4790 and gtx 980, and my question is, which assetto corsa ingame settings, combined with which nvidia settings will give the maximum result. I am a novice with this setting stuff, so i need help.
    gtx 980
    16 gb ram
    G10 50" panasonic plasma 1080p "600hz"
    thrustmaster 500rs
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  2. Should be able to run all settings at max at that resolution except you may have to run very low smoke generation since that setting eats framerates for breakfast.
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  3. Justin

    #1 overuser of the :P emoticon

    Smoke render optimisation is coming in 1.1 so after next week this shouldn't be a problem anymore. :)

    Considering you're running such a beastly card at only 1080p Kim, have a look into downsampling using the Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) feature which I think is done through the Geforce Experience app (AMD user here so not 100% sure). This makes your game render at a higher resolution internally but output at 1080p. This improves image quality pretty significantly, most especially in removing jaggies better than many anti-aliasing solutions and improving texture quality.

    You could easily get 60+ frames at 1440p with the highest settings. Hell, in AC you could even attempt 4K and still get playable framerates for sure. Have a play around and see what works best for you. :)
  4. thankyou Bikeout, trying it out:)
  5. I find DSR pretty useless tbh, tried it instead of SGSS but didn't see much improvement really. So I went back to using SGSS (via nVidia inspector) although it eats about 30fps but really makes the jaggies a lot less visible. :)
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  6. okay jan, it looks real good now as it is, i have pretty much maxed everything, except reflextion rendering frequency which is static, running DRS at 4k and i have about 140-160 fps, but a few jaggies here and there, mostly in the surroundings, so maybe i should try nvidia inspector, i have enough fps so -30fps is okay, although the 140-160 is in single player mode, it will properly be lower with more cars, but i will give a shot later, been tweaking all day, need a break. :)

  7. Haha yeah I agree, tweaking is very time consuming :D
  8. I haven't had any luck getting AC to use DSR. I keep getting a black screen and then the PC locks up. I can get it to work with other titles, however. Any tricks on doing it with AC?
  9. I had to turn off SLI to get it to work. However, three major drop in frame rates without SLI, wasn't worth it.

  10. I have pretty much the exact same PC, also only 1080p 50" TV (and DK2)

    I find that running @ 1.7x DSR (2560x1440) and everything on max except smoke and reflection rendering frequency looks great and gives me a stable 83.3 FPS locked online with near full grids (sometimes get a small dip down below, but never below 60 FPS) without fully maxing out the GPU most of the time.

    Theres no way the game will run smoothly at 4K DSR with a full grid online even with a 980.
  11. im running DSR 4x and post processing off, (i think it looks better and a "more clean" without pp) and i have around 140 fps in career mode and 190-200 in single player, but i have some lag in while driving, once every 2 laps the screen freezes for half a second, i am an absolut novice when is comes to tweaking graphics so a just have to try my way through all options, i am running AA and AF on max + MFAA on nvidia, but i still have to try out nvidia inspector as jan-olov suggested.
    Does anybody have an idea how to solve these lags?
    And another question, should i run vsync or framerate limit with my screen, ( panasonic G10 50" plasma 1080p and panasonic's "600hz"
  12. I used to suffer from those random lags too and I belive most of it was due to some of the apps I had installed. It still happends from time to time but it's so rare that I don't really see it as a problem anymore. If you have any apps installed you could try disabling/uninstalling them one at a time and see if that helps with the lag issues.

    (I run with most settings maxed out except reflections which is on a mid-high settings and also smoke on normal)

    I usually never run any framerate limitation because i don't see the need to. I have tested it quite recently and for me vsync worked better than using the games limiter as that one really gave me bad screen tear which i never suffered from before.
  13. Ah, i've never tried without PP, I like the real glare effects etc.
    These are usually caused by the on-screen apps, OV1 is a particular culprit for the screen freezes.
  14. it that for all apps or only th downloaded ones?
  15. OV1 is an extra third party downloaded one, official Kunos apps should be fine and cause no freezes.

  16. Try this video configuration file. Drop this file in your C:/Users/Kim/My Documents/Assetto Corsa/cfg folder and replace your current file. You can make a copy of your existing file if you're not happy with these settings.

  17. thankyou Bikeout, i will try it out
  18. Still tweaking around a little, but i am happy for now, (until update wednesday, then we will see). No more lags, really smooth running, fps 60-100, and the game looks fantastic. ;)
    2x DRS (nvidia)
    vsync = off
    fps limit = off
    anisotropic filtering = x16
    anti aliasing = x4
    mfaa = on (nvidia)
    world detail = max
    shadow resolution = ultra
    smoke generation = normal
    show smoke in mirrors = on
    post-processing effects = off
    mirror resolution = high
    high quality mirror reflection = on
    reflection quality = high
    reflection rendering frequency = static

    and i removed all third party apps.
  19. Nice, and hopefully the comming update will get us even better performance. :)