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To clutch or not to clutch....

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Alex Townsend, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    ....without a shifter...

    Ok, I've got a Fanatec GT2 wheel with Logitech Pedals but no shifter. Not yet anyway... (the Mrs. is getting me the Fanatec shifter for Xmas)

    Now, I'm enjoying the challenge of shifting properly with clutch at the moment but without the shifter I have to use the paddles.

    Is this a good idea or should I continue using Semi-Auto with the paddles, no clutch, until my shifter arrives?

    Basically just want to gauge whether or not this will impair my learning process if I use the clutch with paddles as opposed to the H-Pattern shifter?

    Also, any tips for heel and toe? I always seem to either brake too hard or not enough with the added embarrassment of sliding around all over the place by letting the clutch up too quickly...
  2. If you have a clutch pedal I would use it. On stock cars that have normal non sequential transmission the computer dude's shift times are very slow and the players that manually clutch can gain seconds per lap on these. My MS wheel doesn't have a clutch pedal and I've tried to use the button to clutch and it's just too hard to unlearn years of coordination.
  3. I have a MS wheel...

    I use "B" as clutch and I do my heel and toe aswell... Basically my left foot is useless when I play Forza as I'm a right foot braker XD

    As for doing proper heel and toe... Well, I don't really have any tip to be honest... It's just a lot of practice (Well, depends on your learning curve, mine was short) and eventually you'll get it right :)

    I do recommend though to adjust your pedals properly, as well as maybe moving the whole thing to the right so you're not stuck with the brake pedal in the middle, but more on the right so it feels less weird :)
  4. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    Nice one guys. Just wondering if having a clutch when you're racing online would make a difference?

    Especially when the randomness of online play can sometimes mean you're in a racing spec car with semi-auto gears and you wouldn't naturallyh have a clutch. Would you still get the gains against online players with a clutch regardless of car?
  5. In Forza unfortunately you are almost forced to use the clutch to be as fast as you would supposed to be...

    I only don't use it in LMP cars...