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TNGTC Season 2 Archive

Discussion in 'PS4 | Thursday Night GT Championship' started by Andrew Holmes, Jul 16, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Welcome to the RaceDepartment Friday Night GT League! We are now recruiting league racers to race with us at some of the world’s most prestigious, fastest and trickiest racing venues. If you think you’re quick enough to mix it with the top racers, sign up to our league to race the thoroughbred GT3 race cars. If the GT3 league becomes full, we will set up a junior series of GT4 racing which will be a feeder series into the main league. We visit iconic locations such as Spa-Francorchamps, Imola, Silverstone and many more; so why not join us for great racing in the sport’s newest championship!

    What We Want
    We are looking for racing talent from anywhere; any country, any age, any ethnicity. If you’re quick enough, and you’re a clean driver, you are welcome here in our league! All we ask is that you follow our forum and racing rules (just common sense) and you turn up to the races! We hope to see you at the pre-season test!

    When We Race

    We at the RaceDepartment Friday Night GT League, as you may have guessed already, race on Friday nights from 8pm usually, but at the final event of the season, we begin the racing at 7pm because it is a 2 hour endurance race!

    We hope you have a great time in the league! Head over to the Sign-Up thread now to get a seat for the up-coming season.
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  2. SIGN-UP

    We want you! If you’re a clean racer and you have Project CARS, we will be glad to have you on board! We race… as you may have guessed, on Friday nights with the start time around 8:00pm UK Time. This league is a league dedicated to GT3 cars, with a range of cars able to participate. The only GT3 car we do not allow is the Bentley Continental GT3, as it has a significant performance advantage over the rest of the field. We have an approximate 1 hour 30 minute schedule for the races, however the final race of the season has a 2 hour 30 minute slot as the race is double the length. To see the full calendar, move to the Event Calendar thread. All you have to do is read and obey the Rules and Regulations, choose a car to use, join a team, join a session with one of our experienced racers (@Andrew Holmes, @Adam Morris, @Ben Milden) and turn up on time! Don’t hesitate to sign up below!

    Full Name:
    PSN ID:*

    Teams & Drivers.png

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  3. Rules and Regulations

    On Track

    • Drivers must respect the track limits at all times during official sessions.
    • Drivers must respect other drivers on track.
    • Drivers must only make an overtaking move when it is likely contact will not be made.
    • Drivers must obey all rules and flags.
    • During practice / qualifying, drivers who are on a hot lap must turn on their lights.
    • During practice / qualifying, drivers not on a hot lap must give way to drivers who are.
    • During the race, at least one mandatory pit stop must be made for a change of tyres.
    • During the race, if there is a mass disconnect, the race will be rescheduled.
    • There must be at least ten participants for each race to go again.
    • The weather system will run: Dry > Dry > Random.
    Teams and Drivers
    • The driver line-up may not change after the season has started.
    • Drivers will not be allowed to change cars after the season has started.
    • Both drivers in a team must use the same car with a similar livery.
    • Team names may be changed once per season.
    • Participants must not use offensive language.
    • Participants must not disrespect others on the forum.
    • Participants must end discussion of a certain topic if asked by admin.
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  4. I'm in :)
    PSN Tigerkart_22
    Name- Andy Graham
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  5. This is the Off-Topic thread is for your general chit chat, but please as always mind your language! Thank you:)
  6. Lance Loomis

    Lance Loomis
    Team Merica #100 Aston Martin V12 Premium Member

    Put me in as a reserve. Due to my work, sometimes I have to open on Fridays (11AM - 5PM) in my local time which is in the middle of the race.
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  7. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    Myself and Adam teammates
  8. Which car will you two be driving mate?
  9. Here is where you can post your Share Factory clips and in-game photos of epic overtakes, hot laps and race footage!
  10. At the moment I can't do Friday's. Any other day but not Friday
  11. Sorry mate, too bad:(
  12. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    Why's that mate
  13. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    My self and @Adam Morris ride for the first season of Gt3 racing

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  14. Imola - Hot Lap
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  15. GT3 S1.png
    Here is the Event Calendar for Season One of this league. It begins on Friday the 31st 2015 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the Driver Evaluation Test which means all new sign-ups to the league must be present. This is a mandatory event. From then on there are nineteen races, including a double length, double points race at the Le Mans 24 Heures circuit at the end of the season. In the races, drivers must make a mandatory pit stop, any driver who does not do this will be handed a penalty. All events will be hosted by Andrew Holmes (AMH_Racing). Every driver must have all the other drovers as friends on PlayStation Network in case of an invite issue.
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  16. Friday may not be the best for me either,

    But i shall sign up, May miss one or two races

    Psn: Gazer123
    Name: Gareth Williams
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  17. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

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  18. Play golf on a Friday after work.

    Won't be able to make a race until 2 months time
  19. In that case would you like a reserve seat as Season One continues into 2016?
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