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TNGTC GT3 Am Archive

Discussion in 'PS4 | Thursday Night GT Championship' started by Andrew Holmes, Jan 27, 2016.

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  1. This is the Event Calendar for the TNGTC’s second season; the grey highlighted events have been completed, and the yellow highlighted events are yet to be completed. All race events begin at 8:00pm UK Time.
    GT4 S2 Calendar.png
  2. This is the Teams & Drivers thread for the TNGTC’s first GT4 season. The Teams & Drivers line up can change dramatically through the course of a season, so drivers are advised to keep updated. If any changes are made, the drivers involved will be tagged in the announcement.
    GT4 Teams & Drivers.png
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  3. This is the Sign-Up thread, where new drivers come to get involved. We are currently seeking GT4 drivers, so please, if you wish to race with us, sign-up below! All you need to do is give us your full name and PSN ID, and we'll arrange a drive for you.
  4. This is the Season Two Points Table for the GT4 Division of the Thursday Night GT Championship. Here is where drivers can check their statistics and their place in the championship.

  5. This is the Season Two GT4 Stewards' Office, where our stewards @Rob McEwan and @Jonathan Seekings reside and make decisions on any incidents in the GT4 Division. If you wish for a decision to be made, simply post your complaint using the following form.
    Drivers Involved:

    Video Footage (Range):

    Describe Incident:
  6. This is the Thursday Night GT Championship News Column; this is where you come to post news for Season Two.

  7. Team: BMW Junior Team
    Car #: 25
    Car: BMW M3 GT4
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  8. Pete Vigi. (VTC-16)
  9. Pete Vigil. (VTC-16)
  10. Notice to all GT4 competitors

    The organizers of this GT4 league; myself @Dominic Ollivierre & @Lance Loomis have decided that due to lack of initial interest in the GT4 division that we will transfer this series to a GT3AM series which would be a feeder series to our currently running GT3PRO series. As such, we ask that you kindly sign up using this thread that I will tag you in, so that we can achieve a headcount and car/team/driver assignment. Also, please be advised that as a tier 2 GT3 series, we will be allowing one driving assist that will be decided shortly. Kindly read through the rules and regulations of our league when you have completed sign up.
    Best regards.

    @Adam Morris @Ben Milden

    @Indrek Maeots
    @Nick Dixon
    @Jelani Patterson
    @Clayton ham
    @Chris whittingham
    @Andrew Wood
    @Adam marks
    @Ronnie Dewey
    @UpwindThree078 @TheNASCARfreak @lightweight1980
    @Jam SRV
    @Mark I Jackson
    @Theo faull
    @Samuel Muskwe
    @Paul Glover
    @Flavio Morado
    @Rini Braat
    @Shane Butler
    @Travis Austin
    @Steven Bold
    @Omari watson
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  11. Im interested. What time would this be at and what time zone as I live in Australia?
  12. i think that is around 6am for you
  13. Cool, Im assuming it will be friday morning for me. If so that will work perfectly, Just got an early morning that day. :p

    Assuming this is true here is my sign up details:
    Name: Karl Turkalj
    PSN: revhead_1000
    Team: MEH (what ever the car livery is called I guess, or just MEH)
  14. So what is happening with this series? Has it already started and am I able to be signed up?
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  15. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden

    Series is in sign up right now

    Will be gt3 cars and run by @Lance Loomis and @Dominic Ollivierre
  16. Hey mate. Series will be starting pretty soon once we meet our quota of sign ups. Standby for an update on start date within the next few days. Happy to have you with us. Cheers
  17. Okay cool. Was concerned that I might have missed it as I saw the Pro series had started.
  18. Yea no worries mate. Will keep you informed here
  19. I'm interested. When is the season start?
    Full name : Jam Sirivadhna
    PSN ID : A_SRV
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