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'Tis Christmas, go forth and spread the news!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by BanjoMaster, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. As you may or may not know, Kunos are a very small team and they've put a lot of their own cash into AC. As such, I gather they've got a very small marketing budget, and although they're doing a good job with what they've got, I've no doubt they'd appreciate any help we as a community can offer.

    We all know there're a lot of pro drivers who've either come from a sim racing background, or still dabble now; Tommy Milner, Dani Juncadella, Rubens Barichello, etc. They also have Twitter and FB accounts...

    Maybe if enough people were to show them what AC's all about (and there are plenty of spectacular vids and screenshots around already that they could see), we could maybe get them interested. A few high level endorsements, especially if they're on merit alone, would I'm sure be very useful to Kunos both for marketing purposes and also in building the game's credibility. More credibility -> more doors open -> more licenses -> AC lives forever. Remember, I don't think Kunos have the cash to go buying column inches and celebrity endorsements like other game co's can, so it'll have to be done the old skool way; on word of mouth and awesomeness alone.

    The gaming and mainstream motoring press in all countries would be worthy targets as well, by the way.

    Let's see if we can contribute in ways other than just buying the game itself!
  2. "to show them what AC's all about" ?? I cant imagine there are still some serious hardcore sim racer who dont know Assetto Corsa by now, even arcade kid like me know this game :D
  3. You know what I meant :D They may have heard of it, but have they all actually looked at it? probably not :)
  4. Yeah i know what you mean but still hard to believe there still some serious hardcore sim racer who not yet get his/her hand in this game. They might not yet buy the game but sure already try the game sometime somewhere.
  5. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Spreading the word where ever I go. Even my dad bought the game :)
  6. Turk


    I'm fanboying the crap out of AC, I'm even telling people it's another cheap alternative motorsport to get into instead of karting or the likes of formula sheane. I may be going a bit overboard there but I'm at Tifosi levels of adoration. Once we can get more cars on track there'll be much better videos online too.
  7. I think my compatriot would be good choice :D

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  8. I look at AC, then I look at my two year old son, and then I look at my T500, and I think 'maybe another 18 months or so' and I'll get him on it and see how he goes. I certainly won't be affording putting him through karts anytime soon, but if he likes the sim and shows an aptitude (especially coupled wth the Oculus Rift), then who knows. I might be retiring early :D But I think the game's probably that good. I'll just have to remember to turn down the FF or it'll put him into orbit!

    But yeah, take the blunderbuss approach. For instance, would Chris Harris be receptive? Would Autosport? Would Car & Driver? Would Felipe Massa? Would the Marc VDS team? I don't know, but if we were to contact 10 people, and one showed an interest, well that's a start ;)
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  9. It's quite possible. I'm a sim racer from the 80's, but somehow I managed to know nothing about Game Stock Car until I happened by another user's post in a different sim's forum. It opened me to an outstanding sim that I probably still would not know about had someone not mentioned it there. Not to mention there are many sim racers who may have 'left the scene' for a while due to many factors (life, perceived lack of new ground in the genre, etc). It certainly can't hurt to make some noise for this sim. It's a 'win win' for everyone. :)
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  10. Turk


    Chris Harris would be the man, if you look at he's recent videos he's actually driven many of the cars in the game, including the Ferrari F40 and the BMW GT car. He'd be able to tell everyone how close to the real thing the game is.
  11. I've tweeted Scott Speed a couple of times but he is of the mindset that iracing is the only sim on the market and everything else is just games.....of course Iracing is the only thing he has played on the computer that they gave him.
  12. Yeah, Chris Harris would be the man! As well as whole EVO UK staff. Some time ago they even wrote article about simulators vs reality and recently they opened column about video racing games... So they and Chris would be perfect target I think.
    If Kunos could invite them to their office it could go in a very positive way for KS.
  13. Turk


    I get the impression that if Kunos had one of the real cars and a track for him to rip around... In the interests of getting a direct comparison of course, he'd be convinced to show up.
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  14. Try that... fat guy... from Shift 2... :unsure:
    Cause you know... If EA chose him to promote their game, then he MUST be very important and just his image on the box must increase the sale figures drastically, right?
    <looks at how many copies of S2U were sold and remembers how AWESOME that guy was in the game> RIGHT? :cautious:
  15. Good call, that's pretty much what he does. Lotus track day at Vallelunga in association with Kunos? That could attract a few journos, gaming and motoring alike...

    Aaaaaaanyway, I'm getting ahead of myself a wee bit. I'd suggest some good initial targets would be Chris Harris ( @harrismonkey on Twitter and https://www.facebook.com/harrismonkey on FB), Evo UK mag ( @evomagazine on Twitter and https://www.facebook.com/evomagazine for FB) aaaaaaand...?

    Also referencing @Aristotelis and @kunos in case we're stepping on their toes and they'd prefer we didn't interfere?