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tire wear, and difficulty

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Emynem, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. you have any secret to make the tires last longer?
    Today I raced in Bahrain was scheduled to stop around 8 to 7 the tires were already red, destroyed, despite in q3 I have not even made a lap 10 I left with the lotus, game or difficulties experienced professional,
    Fanatec steering wheel, abs off, tcs average, manual transmission
  2. reply please?
  3. You have to be gentle on your throthle and don't spin the rear wheels while you are exiting the corner. Also, try not lock your wheels while breaking.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2013
  4. Try the search function or looking through the first or second page of this forum. This topic has come up way too many times now.