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Tire temperatures

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Today I was doing massive testing for this sunday race (Well just 50 laps xD), but I noticed something very weird with the tires. Never happened this to me, but while im on straight the tires are warming up! I've been touching different tire pressures, different toe and camber angles and nothing worked (The most funnier thing is that just happens with the Front Left tire, with a simetrical set up xD)

    I dont want to be like a Mercedes D:

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  2. If you are going fast, they will warm up on the straight... And the reason it is higher on the front left, is that it gets warmest of all tires due to all the fast right handers, and then some of that heat gets carried over to the straight.
  3. I think I expressed very bad, the only tire that warms up in the straight is the FL, the other ones are loosing temperature :D
  4. Maybe damper settings?
  5. Oh crap lol :D

    Even the front right loses temp? With a symmetrical setup? This is lolll. I will check if mine does the same, after work :D
  6. Ye it looses temp, when I arrive to the main straight, the FL has less temp than FR, I usualy arrive with 82º in FL and raises up to 87-89º. And the front left arrives with 90º and goes down till 87º.
  7. Maybe its because last corner and very slow dampers, dunno.
  8. Do you have some telemetry log?
  9. No :(
  10. Tire temperatures increase with rolling rate, it's something that happens with other rF mods as well, for example with CTDP 2006 you notice tires get very hot on long straights. The reason it happens only for the other tire is as you said because it had a lower baseline temp, so it's further away from the "target temperature", if that makes any sense.

    The way rFactor models tire temperatures is rather poor so it's difficult to find good mod parameters for this.
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  11. Thanks ^^
  12. Maybe the fukushima radiations.... :sick:
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