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Tips needed for Setting up the Car in RBR style

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. I was trying to test the Car in GP Mode in RBR style like High aero, Aggressive gearing with shorter gears(All on Left) and General other settings like suspension(11-11), Camber and Toe(Far Left and Far right), Balance(6-11/6-11) but my problem is when i run the High aero the car doesn't like to accelerate at all with 9-9 or 9-10 or 9-11 wings but when i revert it to 3-1 or 3-2 or 1-1 or 2-2 then the car Good in Acceleration
    So is it possible to Achieve good acceleration with High Wing settings or do i need Changes in setup or do i need to tweak any Values in CTF files to achieve this settings.

  2. You can move your camber to the right and increase your ride height but then that negates having high wings as will lower downforce. Your best bet and the fastest way is to use low wings. If you want a balance use 6-6 or 4-4 or something, but 1-1 will 90% of the time be faster.
  3. Mate what i want is I want to run a RBR style High downforce setup where high wings are used. I know that we will have Less Straight line Speed but when i keep them i just didn't have Acceleration at all with 9-9 or 9-10 or 9-11 which was not in the case of Real life.
    Is there any way to Get the Real life effect with High wing levels which doesn't give Terrible acceleration
  4. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Hey Kartik, if you use the Revised Performance mod, it's more conducive to the RBR styled setup.

    I find it makes the game 10 fold more realistic. Because it forces you to use higher wings, and more agressive gearing (which I love).

    So for example, at Silverstone, because its a high downforce circuit, my wings are set to around 9-7 or 10-7 etc. And with the more aggressive gearing it helps with 7th gear acceleration. Because with the normal game, the 7th gear ratio and acceleration is just pathetic when you don't have DRS.

    And I got a much better laptime as well. I was able to beat my PB of a low 1:30.xxx to a mid 1:29.xxx
  5. I was using the Revised Performance Mod mate. But in High downforce tracks when i use High wing angles to get the maximum out of the car. The acceleration was pretty slow With out DRS. But when i revert it to the Low wing levels i was getting much better acceleration.
    I don't understand whether i was doing wrong or My Setup was wrong or Should i need to edit CTF's
    Mostly my set up will be like this
    wings: 9-9/11, ARB: 6-11/9-11, Ride Height : 2-4, Springs : 11-11
    Gears: Aggressive gearing with Possible Top gear almost makes more than half of Straight bang on Limiter when Using DRS.
    Camber: Far Left, Toe: Far right.
    I was able to do 1:21 high -22 low in Spain, 1:33 High in Suzuka, 1:32 in Silverstone. But in race day i was having the Most terrible acceleration in this setup.
  6. I know, I gave you the answer to have more acceleration without using low wings and you seem to have ignored it. I also said it was a waste of time though.

    The problem is, this game physics and setups don't work like in real life and so you are going to have to compromise. Even Red Bull use low wings at certain tracks, they have to if to remain competitive. The game tries to simulate this by giving you different ranges at each track so 11 at Monza is not the same as 11 at Silverstone but more like 4 or something.

    I think you are trying to run high wings for the sake of running high wings and if Red Bull were making setups for this game they would run 1-1 for sure :D. Your lap times seem decent enough for Legendary in a Red Bull so why not just run 7-4 or 8-3 to get that acceleration and half decent aero you want?
  7. Mike Partington Hey I was running 4-2 or 3-1 wings at present. But i just wanted to know is there any other way to get the game realistic or am i Doing wrong. I got clarified thank you for that :thumbsup:
    But I just wanted to know is there any way so that we can change the Wings effect with CTF files??
    I tried as Tophercheese said but i still don't think that is enough to run high Downforce setting. The Gap between DRS and Non DRS is more than 30 KPH if i remember correctly.